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“GRILLED PINEAPPLE” My husband announced at about 20 decibels louder than he needed to. “Grilled pineapple, I can have grilled pineapple on my burger.” Instantly I realised I was now in charge of an extra child; my gorgeous and normally quite level headed 38 year old husband was jumping up and down like a giddy school girl at a 1D concert.

A Day In The Life..... | Stay at Home Mum

“Have a look, have a look” he gushed. “You choose your bun, and then you choose cheese…look Jody, Jody look they have Swiss cheese oh oh and Tortilla Strips and and and”….He went on….

Ah the weekend, how I love the weekend; I spend about 80 hours a week on the computer and “plugged in” to social media, so weekends are treasured time to spend with my beautiful boys, two little, one big.

One of the things I love most about living in our sleepy little town is the proximity to so many great things. We are about 40 minutes to Noosa or Rainbow Beach, great bush walks and some fantastic shopping on the Sunshine Coast.

This weekend Buderim was our first port of call; Buderim Forest Park to be precise and honestly the boys tend to like this whole ‘Bush walking” thing a lot more than I do and I need to be coerced into joining in. It was about a 20 minute hike through light bush – but the view was spectacular, well played Mother Nature. It was even worth the Leech I found on my neck on the way back to the car – and so far removed from social media, phones and computers!

Next was one of the boys favourites; a massive trampoline park situated in Kawana.  I have to admit to loving this place too; it tires out the boys, I can sit in peace and have a coffee and a massive furniture retailer is right across the road – and they have some gorgeous stuff.  Because hubby and the boys are jumping their little hearts out – I always sneak over for a bit of girly time.

By the time they are done they are ravenous and it is lunch time.  We were invited to try the new burgers at McDonald’s – the fancy burgers.  The fancy burgers that they bring to your table. Suited me fine.

So there we were standing in front of the new McDonald’s Create Your Taste menu board and I must admit, everything on the massive iPad looking touch-screen thingy does look fantastic. My husband and boys were going mad with excitement.

A Day In The Life..... | Stay at Home Mum

Here goes; I am the master of my own destiny; I do try to watch what I eat, mostly unsuccessfully. With the Create Your Taste menu you can even get yourself  a lettuce wrap instead of a bun if you’re not having bread (not that I will today – but I like that I can). So I go the whole hog, Bakers Bun, Swiss Cheese, Beetroot, Mushrooms, Lettuce, Caramelised Grilled Onion and Aioli. Hope it tastes half as good as it looks.

My boys, being of the iPad age took about 3 full seconds to be “Masters of the Menu” the boys were so excited to choose exactly what they wanted (as were hubby & I) and our order was done and paid for in record time. All that was left to do was take a seat and try not to drool all over the table. The boys ran out to the playground while we waited for my cuppa (yep, ordered my McCafe cappuccino from here too) and our lunch to be delivered; no more waiting in line for us – very smanchy indeed!

A Day In The Life..... | Stay at Home Mum

About 5 minutes later a very pretty lady wearing a very un McDonald’s uniform delivered my burger on a very un McDonald’s wooden chopping board with fresh fries (this is fantastic – fresh fries everytime on the Create Your Taste menu) and I was into it.

The hardest thing for me to reconcile was the fact that I was sitting in a McDonald’s Restaurant but I was eating a burger that tasted like it should be twice the price and served in a place with a name that is unpronounceable; but here I am, eating the best burger I have ever had in a restaurant with Golden Arches above the door. Great work McDonald’s, we will definitely be back.

We had a wonderful day that didn’t cost us a bomb! Have you guys tried the new Create Your Taste menu? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

A Day In The Life..... | Stay at Home Mum

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