How To Turn Camping Into GlampingBringing Some Luxury To The Great Outdoors

Not everyone enjoys a camping trip, but even those that do are likely to admit that they wish camping came with a few more ‘comforts’ of home.

Well, now your camping trip can. We’ve decided to bring a little glamour to our next camping trip, and we’ve been shopping around to figure out what products are going to make camping into glamping.

Here are the best ones we’ve found, so start writing your wish lists!

1. Teepee Tent

First on our list is this bell-styled tent perfect for glamping! It can comfortably fit a family of 3 or 4 but can definitely accommodate up to 6. The size of this tent can fit in a huge bed so you’re sure to feel at home.

Get it here!

2. Luci Pro Solar String Lights

High-quality lights that is sure to last you years! String lights are a great way to add some fanciness to your usual camping routine.

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Luci Pro Solar String Lights | Stay At Home Mum

3. Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ

Have a feast with this Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ which is designed with portability in mind.

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4. OZtrail Queen Instant Anywhere Bed

As the name suggests, sleep comfortably and instantly anywhere with this Queen-sized bed!

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OZtrail Queen Instant Anywhere Bed | Stay At Home Mum

5. Ozpig Portable Wood Stove – Series II

The Ozpig, despite the funny name, is a portable wood fired stove, perfect for camping with a little bit of style. Not only is it a way to bring some flavour to your cooking, it’s also great for keeping everyone warm. Along with that, it provides all the benefits of an open fire while using much less timber. The Ozpig is portable, collapsible and easy to transport. It even comes with a carry bag!

Get it here!

6. OZtrail Picnic Table Set

A proper table is just the upgrade you need to turn your usual camping to glamping! The Oztrail Picnic Table Set is so portable and easy to carry that it is the ideal outdoor dining table. With room to seat four people, it packs down flat and makes it so easy to carry. No more shoddy camping tables and crummy chairs.

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Picnic Table


7. OZtrail Brazilian Sofa Chair with Arms

One look at this sofa chair and it’s definitely giving off fancy, relaxing, glamping vibes!

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8. Stainless Steel Insulated Tumblers

As much as we want to bring fancy glassware, it will not survive an entire trip especially with kids. So, we’re going to compromise with these insulated tumblrs that looks elegant and fun to bring for your glamping trip!

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9. OZtrail Anywhere Hammock Double

The double-sized hammock is perfect for two people, but it’s just as easy to curl up in there yourself, with a good book or a good drink. I think every glamping trip should come complete with one.

Staying at home? Camping? Glamping? YOU NEED A HAMMOCK. Periodt!

Get it here!

OZtrail Anywhere Hammock Double | Stay At Home Mum

10. Outdoor Rug – Morocco Yellow And White

A fun patterned rug is just a sure way to upgrade your trip. Choose something bright like this one!

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Outdoor Rug Morocco Yellow - Xcelerator Onlinenz | Shop Designer Outdoor Rugs and Vanity Mirrors

11. This huge tent!

Eyes here!!! 15 people can sleep in this tent!!! So if you’re a family of 4, 5 or 6, this tent will be like your living room. Just perfect for glamping!

Get it here!


12. Walkie Talkie For Kids

Ok this is a must even for just basic camping. The kids love it!

Get it here!

Hot Offer #fc4dc8 - 2pcs Baofeng BF-T3 Pmr446 Walkie Talkie Best Gift For Children Radio Handheld T3 Mini Wireless Two Way Radio Kids Toy Woki Toki |

13. Wood Log Pillows

These wood log pillows just add a feel to the whole glamping experience!

Get it here!

Wood Log Pillows | Stay At Home Mum

14. Rotating LED Starlight Projection Starry Light

Lights lights lights!!! You can never get enough of lights when glamping.

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Evening Sleep Romantic LED Starry Night Sky Projector Lamp Rotating Star Light

15. Fancy Cutlery

If you want to do glamping, fancy cutlery is a must!

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Laguiole Andre Verdier Debutant 24 piece Cutlery Set in wooden box Mixed Original - AV-7024RCB-Mix-O - In Stock | Buy Online At Kitchen Style


16. Portable Fridge

Yep, a fridge is in order!

Get it here!

Glacio 80L Portable Fridge Bar Freezer Cooler Upright 12V/24V/240V Caravan 4WD Car Camping Black – Online Shopping | ZeroShipping – Australia

17. Zuni Ultraplush Blanket

Blankets are important for that feel at home experience!

Get it here!

Zuni Ultraplush Blanket | Stay At Home Mum

18. Kettle

Can’t survive mornings without a kettle!

Get it here!

19. Wine Glasses – a must!

Definitely a must. These wine glasses have a nonslip base so you can rest assured that they will not move or break whilst travelling.

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20. Bluetooth Speaker

Oh yaaas! A really good speaker is a must for a full glamping experience. This one is sand-proof, waterproof, shockproof and all sorts of proof!

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and finally…..make some of this!

Gooey S’mores Pie

Chocolate mixed with crumbly biscuit and sticky marshmallows are the perfect match, and you’ll have to stop yourself from going back for s’more!

Click here for the recipe!

Gooey S’mores Pie | Stay At Home Mum

So what are you buying for your next glamping trip?

How To Turn Camping Into Glamping | Stay at Home Mum

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