The New Suzuki Jimny – Fun, Form and Function

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The New Suzuki Jimny – Fun, Form and Function


I was recently invited on a lovely little junket down to Sirromet Wines – side bar, did you know Sirromet is actually the owners name backwards? T.E Morris. Try not seeing that whenever you read Sirromet now. I digress, I was invited to the launch of the all new Suzuki Jimny at Sirromet in the Gold Coast Hinterland and both the car and the venue were jaw dropping.

Suzuki Queensland are the most gracious of hosts, with GM Steve and PR Head John being two of the nicest blokes you could hope to meet.

My history with Suzuki goes back a long way, I mean a REALLY long way. I actually learned to drive in my Granddad’s little 2 stroke “Zuki” that I found out on Tuesday was an LJ50. It was the most amazing little car to learn to drive in, as tough as nails, easy to drive and it didn’t have doors. The best part of the experience, of course, was spending time with one of my heroes, Granddad Allen.

Suzuki LJ50
Photo: Suzuki QLD

We have even managed to continue the legacy with my boys now learning to drive in a Suzuki Sierra out at Grandma’s farm.

Suzukis are just like that I guess. When you have a super reliable product that is affordable people are going to end up with stories and anecdotes about their own Suzuki experience.

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Suzuki Sierra at Grandma’s Farm

The new Jimny ties perfectly into the timeline and story of the progression of a little battler that never gave up. But, mark my words, the new Jimny has certainly grown up and got all fancy with its ABS, ESC, million air bags and other things you would expect to find it modern luxury cars.

All of those things are nice and all, but if I am going to shell out my hard earned on a vehicle claiming to be a “proper four wheel drive”, it had better have the goods. Well, the news is good.. great even… the Jimny is astoundingly good off-road. The test track at Sirromet is quite the challenge and the little J-Wagon was well and truly up to each and every test that it was put through.

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Photo: Suzuki QLD

So where does Jimny fit in such a crowded market?

Probably one of the coolest things about the new Jimny is the fact that it doesn’t even try to fit in the current market, it basically creates a market all of its own. There really isn’t anything out there like it. Proper low range, LSD traction control, solid front and rear axles, big ground clearance, very affordable servicing and great reliability make the new Jimny a shining light in a sea of luke warm soft-roaders.

Check out how awesome it is in this video.

In all honestly though, it is probably the looks that will win a lot of urban buyers over. Shaped like a mini Mercedes G-Wagon, the new J-wagon is about as cute as can be.

Jimny J-Wagon
2019 Suzuki Jimny J-Wagon

We love the new Jimny and are really looking forward to getting our hands on one for a longer test, Double Island Point here we come.

2019 Suzuki Jimny
A Rose Between Two Thorns

Book a test drive now at your local Suzuki dealer.

The New Suzuki Jimny Fun Form and Function | Stay at Home

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