More Mums Are Using TENS Machines During Labour to Manage Pain

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More Mums Are Using TENS Machines During Labour to Manage Pain

Before I gave birth for the very first time, I was absolutely terrified of the pain I knew would come with labour.

I was so frightened that I considered booking in for a c-section to avoid going through labour altogether. I didn’t think I would be able to cope or manage the pain that seemed to make women scream in agony— and I’m not alone. The number of women opting for a c-section is increasing all the time (we aren’t talking about necessary medically required c-sections).

But there is good news for all Mum’s that are scared of labour, especially in the early part before you head off to hospital. It’s called a TENS Machine – and it eases labour pain and you can use it at home!

Elle TENS make a TENS machine you can use at home – pain relief for when you need it the most!

elle tens plus | Stay at Home
The Elle Tens Plus

More Aussie Mum’s Are Using TENS Machines During Labour to Ease Pain!

Birth can be an incredibly empowering experience and many (brave) women are opting for a drug-free natural birth. But for women who choose to go down this path, just because you are drug-free doesn’t mean you can’t use other means to manage labour pain.

If you are scared of giving birth – but still want to try and labour naturally, a TENS machine is a terrific option that many Mums are now using as a natural alternative to traditional pain-relieving drugs.

Not only that but using a TENS machine means you still have the energy to push your baby out once you get to the hospital without being so overly exhausted by early labour pains.

TENS Machines Are Commonly Used in Labour in the UK

Using a TENS Machine for early labour isn’t new – in the United Kingdom, TENS machines are used in about 30% of births! Mums-to-be here in Australia just aren’t so aware of their use yet – but we are planning on changing that!

What is a Tens Machine?

TENS stands for ‘Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and it provides a drug-free kind of pain relief. The electrical impulses prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain. They also encourage the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good pain relievers that can boost your mood.

The Elle TENS machine offers an ‘electrical distraction’ from contractions, and it really assists Mums to feel in control of labour and feel less anxious about the pain.

How Elle TENS describe how it works:

“Imagine a blank page with ‘Where’s Wally’ standing in the middle of it Wally is your labour pain What the Elle Tens machine does is hides Wally in amongst the crowded scene Rather than your brain simply acknowledging Wally is standing there, your brain must now receive a flood of messages, amongst which Wally is hidden.”

Midwives Are Recommending Tens Machines to Manage Pain

Tens Machines are a way to relieve pain during labour naturally – and you can use them both early in work, right through to delivery TENS Machines are a natural and safe way to reduce the pain of labour in a non-invasive way.

Best of all, TENS Machines are rebated by all major health insurance providers. So, if you are pregnant – you NEED one of these machines!

The Different Types of Tens Machine Available

elle tens plus | Stay at Home ELLE TENS PLUS

Price: $211.50 (usually $235.00)

The Elle Tens Plus is specially designed to provide drug-free labour pain relief and a pelvic floor stimulator to assist post-partum incontinence and birth recovery.

elle tens 2 | Stay at Home ELLE TENS 2

Price: $171.00 (usually $190.00)

The Elle Tens 2 is a powerful and straightforward to use TENS device, including a useful ‘Contraction Timer’ that your midwife will LOVE Cleverly crafted for ease of use by mums-to-be for the drug-free management of pain during labour.

elle tens | Stay at Home ELLE TENS

Price: $157.50 (usually $175.00)

The original award-winning labour TENS device. The Elle TENS was the first maternity-dedicated TENS device to feature Opti-Max technology, which provides that extra burst of pain-relief power when mums-to-be need it most.

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obi tens | Stay at Home OBI TENS

Price: $115.00 (usually $128.00)

The most simple, sleek and portable labour TENS device on the market. Perfect for those painful moments during pregnancy, It is an effective and affordable companion for labour and beyond.


How to Claim a Tens Machine Through Your Health Insurance

Many of the larger health insurers will attract rebates for the purchase of a TENS Machine. When purchasing an Elle TENS Machine, inform them that you will be claiming your device, and they will send you the appropriate receipting details to claim the rebate.

The rebate is usually between 60% – 100% of the purchase price!

If you ask your GP to provide you with a letter of support for the Elle TENS machine, this will assist with the claim.

A TENS Machine can also be listed in your Health Insurance Policy as a ‘Health Aid’ or ‘Health Aid Appliance’.

Real Product Reviews for the Elle TENS Machine

‘Absolute Game Changer in Labour’

“I had it on throughout my whole labour and it took the edge off every contraction! I would absolutely recommend it to everyone!”

Eva R

‘Fabulous Labour Assistance Device’

“I had a drug free delivery and the Elle Tens Plus got me through the contractions. It was an amazing help for my third child, wish I had it for the first two!”

‘Best Investment I’ve Made’

“I don’t usually write reviews, this one is worth the time. I wrote up a birth plan like most women going into labour the first time. The Elle TENS plus machine was on the top of my list with an epidural on the bottom, reviewing my plan with people I had to have an open mind about drugs because they said the machine didn’t work for everyone.

It worked for me. I ended up having an emergency forceps delivery and an episiotomy still with third-degree tearing. I made it through all with the Elle TENS and gas. Postpartum I use the plus for muscle aches and pains.

I’ve lent the machine to two friends, positive reviews from them and medical staff.”

‘Must Have’

“This product is amazing. Highly recommend it helped so much going through my first ever labour experience, so easy to use, I didn’t have to think about it allowing my brain to stay in ‘primal mode’ and my partner found it useful being able to see how far apart my contractions were! I didn’t need or use any pain relief at all – just this device!.”

‘Excellent Product’

“I highly recommend this product. It was easy to set up and use, and very effective. The midwives, obstetricians and pelvic floor physiotherapists were all very impressed with the product and design. This was my only pain relief during the birth of my third child after having an epidural with my first and second babies. I felt in control and the buttons were easy to find and adjust during labour.”

‘I Used It During My Labour and It Saved Me’

“I just wanted to thank all the ladies who put me onto the Elle TENS Plus machine. I love it and am even using it on my sore neck from breastfeeding. I have to say I was sceptical but thought, what the heck? I’m getting a rebate from my health fund, so it’s worth a shot.

I used it during my labour, and it saved me. I didn’t even need analgesics up until the last few hours. The pelvic floor probe seems to be helping too, which is great cause I’m hopeless at doing those exercises lol Thanks heaps, guys.”

‘I Only Had to Pay $60 Out of My Own Pocket’

“I bought mine from Elle TENS Australia cause I could get a rebate from my health fund, so it was cheaper for me to buy it than hire. I only had to pay $60 out of my own pocket. I noticed my muscles had tightened a few weeks after using it. It’s so discreet, I actually pop it in on my drive to work, and it’s done by the time I get there. Lol, I have two kids, so every second counts.

I started using it the second I noticed my labour pains, but it’s safe to use from 27 weeks.”

‘I Really Liked the Timer, Which Helped See How Regular My Contractions Were’

“I’ve used a TENS machine previously and found the Elle TENS 2 much easier to use. I really liked the timer, which helped see how regular my contractions were, and I found the cord to hang around my neck really, really useful.

The spare battery and spare lead gave me peace of mind if I needed them. I placed the pads on my back on my own as my husband was at work. The fact that it can also be used for headaches, period pain, backaches and so on gives it more value for money.”

“The Boost Function During Contractions is Excellent”

“The Elle TENS 2 was an essential part of my pain relief during labour. The unit is very easy to set up, use and adjust to suit your needs. The boost function during contractions is excellent and easy to activate when needed. My favourite feature is the contraction timer.

It allows you to use just one piece of equipment, and because it is activated with the boost function, you don’t need to worry about pressing more buttons. The Elle TENS 2 was great during early labour, and I used it right up until the pushing stage.”

But Wait – TENS Machines Do More Than Just Ease Labour

The Elle TENS Machine isn’t just used to ease the pain of labour— it can also be used after birth to help tone the pelvic floor muscles stretched during pregnancy and labour.

You have probably noticed that Mum’s are reluctant to ever jump on a trampoline, right. That’s because those slack muscles in the pelvic floor mean a bit of wee can come out when Mum jumps or sneeze, and it’s embarrassing! The Elle TENS machine can help Mum strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles so they recover faster from birth – and don’t get those awkward wee moments.

The Elle TENS Machine can also be used for pain management in general.

Did dad pull a muscle?

Are the kids are sore after soccer?

Did mum hurt her leg at netball?

Grab out the Elle TENS machine and give it a whirl!

So, What Do You Think About TENS? Let Us Know!

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