5 Social Media Tips for New Parents

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5 Social Media Tips for New Parents

New parents face a lot of complicated situations due to their lack of experience. However, when it comes to their social media presence, it becomes difficult for them to understand how to handle such situations.

With the expansion of social media, it has become harder for parents to restrict social media access for young children.

However, they must come up with ways to deal with the issue without restricting social media access to their children.

ExpressVPN’s survey states that parents are most worried about issues like bullying and grooming on social media.

At the same time, young children are blissfully unaware of the dangers they can face online. That is why it has become important to set some rules for young children so they can safely access the Internet. Here are some tips that new parents can follow to ensure their children have safe access to social media.

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Set Up Parental Controls

First and foremost, parents must set up parental controls on all electronic devices. This will ensure that children are not accessing websites that are not safe for them. Additionally, this will also allow parents to set up screen time restrictions on their children so that they can monitor screen time for their children.

Use Proper Security Programs

It is given that electronic devices are at risk of data breaches. That is why parents must ensure that all their devices are protected by proper firewalls. Parents must also secure their devices so that hackers can not trace them. This would also help in restricting inappropriate content for all electronic devices.

Monitor Online Activities

New parents need to monitor the online activity of their children. This will ensure that they can check if their child is using any unsafe websites. Additionally, it is advised to delete any financial information saved on your electronic devices so that children do not end up making unnecessary transactions.

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Educate Children

It is of great significance that young children should be made aware of the dangers of social media. If young children are not educated properly, they cannot filter out suspicious activities from their accounts. This will put them on the radar of predators and online scammers. Parents must also ensure to build trust with their children by having open communication. This way, children can freely approach their parents in case of an unfortunate situation.

Restrict Inappropriate Websites

New parents must keep in mind that there are multiple kid-friendly websites and search browsers that they can use. This will protect children from explicit and inappropriate content. Additionally, it is also advised that parents should add a word filter to block out certain words. Multiple social media sites also allow parents to set up restrictions within sites for younger children.

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There are multiple ways for scammers and predators to approach younger children on social media. These cyber criminals find it easy to target young children as they are more gullible and naive. That is why parents must take precautionary measures so that young children can have safe social media access.

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