Mum Mistaken For Thief While Driving Laps Around Her Street

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Mum Mistaken For Thief While Driving Laps Around Her Street

A NZ mum was labelled suspicious during her night drive to get her two-month-old son off to sleep.

The innocent mum caused quite the alarm in her local community and even made her local Facebook group.

Karina Missen, 29, posted a TikTok video containing screenshots of the post in the ‘Greenhill Park Community & Residents’ Facebook group.

She captioned the TIKTOK “When you’re trying to get your baby to sleep and your local community group is worried your scoping the place out. #tellmeyoureamom #momlife”

“Should I call the police?”

Her concerned neighbour posted in the community group: “This car has been circling on Capper Crescent seven times in the past 10 minutes. Should I call the police?” alongside a photo of the mums car.

Members of the neighbourhood encouraged the original poster to contact police just in case.

“You could take your phone and show the people in the car driving past that you are recording them.”

“Yes, please. This car was doing the same thing yesterday. Perhaps go out to your letterbox and have a good look at them and get the plate number.

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“Cops may as well check them out.”

Karina quickly replied to the neighbourhood thread saying, “Sorry! No, it’s me! My two-month-old fell asleep in the car!”

The mum told Newshub after she owned up to being the “suspicious” vehicle her fellow neighbours were “really understanding”.

“It’s a great reminder for people to look out for one another. I find it reassuring really, I completely understand how it must have looked, seven times in 10 minutes!” she said.

Parents could totally relate to the mums predicament when she told them it was her

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“I feel so bad for you. It’s so tough when they are little but this is hilarious.”

Another one added, “Hahaha! My partner does laps around the supermarket car park while I run in and grab things. He gets a lot of looks.”

Another said: “My dad used to drive me round for hours when I was a baby because I had chronic reflux and would only sleep in the car. This is so sweet.”

“I do this on the motorway!” another wrote.

Have you ever sparked suspicion doing something as a parent?

Mum Mistaken For Thief While Driving Laps Around Her Street | Stay At Home Mum

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