Pregnancy Related Halloween Costumes

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Pregnancy Related Halloween Costumes

Pregnancy Related Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly becoming a popular excuse for children and adults to dress up in silly outfits, get together with friends and eat an excess of lollies and chocolates. Just because you are dressing for two doesn’t mean you should miss out on the Halloween fun! Rather than hiding from Halloween parties and get togethers, why not flaunt that pregnant belly with some of these creative, yet comfortable pregnancy related Halloween costumes?

For children, Halloween provides a chance to dress up as their favourite princess, super hero or working professional. For adults, however, Halloween provides a chance to squeeze into naughty nurse customers, playboy bunny outfits or sexy French maid costumes. When you are pregnant, is there really anything worse? So below are some much more appropriate and humorous options for you and your growing bump:

Planet Preggo

Show off your round figure by dressing up as a planet. You can use cardboard or even a hoola hoop around your belly to act as the ring for planet Saturn. Or, make like Planet Earth with an old t-shirt coloured green and blue.

Halloween Pumpkin

There is no symbol that goes better with Halloween than a pumpkin. In fact, the bigger you are, the better! Furthermore, a pumpkin provides you with an easy way to show off your rounded figure.  All you need for this costume is an old orange t-shirt and a black shirt. Cut out two triangles for eyes and a funny face from the orange shirt and place the black shirt underneath for a creative Halloween face. Pair the shirts with comfortable black leggings and orange face paint.

Santa Clause

Dressing up as Santa is often left to the blokes. However, not anymore! After all, you have thebowlful of jelly’ down pat without the need to stuff your shirt with a pillow!  You can pick up a Santa Clause outfit from any costume shop or, if you are crafty with sewing, you may be able to make your own with materials found at any fabric shop. This outfit is not only creative but also extra comfy.

The Not So Holy Nun

Or, why not horrify your friends as a pregnant nun? If you have an accommodating hubby, then he may be willing to dress up as a priest to get even more laughs. You will certainly win a prize for best dressed couple at any Halloween party you are attending.

Miss Conception

Always wanted to be a beauty queen? Now is your chance! Don a beautiful dress, tiara, flowers and sash with “Miss Conception” printed on it. Ready to take your bow? You can pick up all of these items from a dollar store and hit a second hand shop to find the perfect dress for your grand entrance.

A Fishbowl

Another great outfit rounding up the list is a fishbowl. If you have a talent for drawing and are willing to really flaunt that tummy, then you can use face paint to draw a fish bowl and fish on your belly.

There is no need to hide away during Halloween season. You can hit any Halloween or fancy dress party and make your grand entrance even grander with these pregnancy inspired Halloween costumes.


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