Hell Hath No Fury Like a School Run MumLook out everyone, I'm coming!

My brother-in-law says that women totally lose their minds once they start the morning school runs.

That outrageous speed limits, road rage and ‘parking like you crashed it’ become the norm.

I always scoffed at him, what would HE know (pfft).

Now that I am one of THOSE parents, I’m not quite so sure…

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Mornings are supremely chaotic before even attempting to get a school carpark. Getting little children (and husbands) up, washed, fed, teeth brushed, lunches made and dressed appropriately by a certain time every morning is an achievement in itself.

Then as soon as everyone is strapped in, engine on and reversing out – someone has always forgotten show and tell or lost a shoe!

Now here is where it gets tricky, and I think it’s something everyone should keep in mind. Every single mother in Gympie with a school-aged child is leaving her house at the same time, stressed within an inch of her life, at her wits end, some without their morning coffee, descending on schools at exactly the same time every morning.

For people without children, imagine leaping out of bed at 5am, running full pelt on a treadmill whilst getting dressed and stuffing an octopus into a handbag before getting into your car ten minutes after you’re meant to leave.


A word of advice to other road users: Beware of the morning School Run Mum! You have been warned.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a School Run Mum | Stay At Home Mum

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