Mother Stabbed a Teacher at Byron Bay Public School

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Mother Stabbed a Teacher at Byron Bay Public School

Byron Bay Public School was placed in lockdown on Wednesday morning at 7.20am after a mother has allegedly stabbed a Byron Bay Public School teacher with a pair of scissors.  The 31 year old woman was arrested at her home shortly afterwards with blood located on her shirt, and a pair of scissors nearby.


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31 year old woman Ms Karina Sbaraini

The teacher, Zane Vockler (28 years) is known to the school children as ‘Mr V’.  He sustained a broken tooth, fractured arm, and deep cuts behind his ear and to his face.  Mr Vockler has undergone surgery.

It is believed the Mr Vockler and Ms Sbaraini were speaking on school grounds when Ms Sbaraini produced the pair of scissors and attacked Mr Vockler.   Sergeant Nathan Lockett reported that

‘It was a targeted and premeditated attack and it was completely unprovoked’.

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Stabbed teacher Zane Vockler, 28

The 31 year old woman made a court appearance in Tweed Heads Local Court and was refused bail.  It has been revealed that Karina Sbaraini has a criminal history and was previously held under the Mental Health Act, but had escaped the institution. She has been considered a danger to society.

Ms Sbaraini was charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and entering enclosed lands without a lawful excuse.


The court reported that Mr Vockler was lucky to have survived the attack.

Ms Sbaraini was remanded for court in June.


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