Where to Buy School Uniforms and School Shoes Online (Page 2)Save time and money by buying your school needs online!

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Specialist Uniform Suppliers:

Australian online stores that supply uniforms. Many of them have a list of schools that sell branded uniforms for – others sell standard school colours!

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1. Mr Charles

Mr Charles has both primary and secondary school uniforms.  They also have school bags available!

2. The School Locker

This is a Queensland based Uniform provider and they do offer a huge range of branded uniforms for Queensland schools.  They do however have an online store and also have the ‘basics’.  They also have musical items and school shoes!

3. School Uniforms Australia

They have a good range and post all over Australia.

4. Made for School

Have a great range of school uniforms, school shoes, bags and sportswear.

5. My Uniform Online

They stock school hats, jumpers, polo shirts, skirts pants and sportswear.

6. Claudine Schoolwear

This online store has a massive list of the schools they supply uniforms for and they state that they are 15% cheaper than anywhere else.

7. A Plus Schoolwear

They sell primary school, high school and sports uniforms.

8. Affordable School Uniforms

They have a list online of the schools they specialise in – but they have online catalogs too!

9. The Uniform Guys

They don’t have a huge range of school uniform wear but do have the basics and have loads more sports wear.

10. Midford

Midford is an Australian online website store with multiple categories of school uniform accessories, pants, shirts and shoes included.

11. School Uniforms Australia

School Uniforms Australia is an online website with that sells a vast variety of uniforms for across the nation with all polos, shorts, labelled items ect. This is a great online store to find all of your child’s school uniform pieces.

12. Uniform Super Store

For uniforms across Australia, the Uniform Super Store has all items needed for a full closet of uniform items for the kids, great prices and based in Australia.

13. Primary School Wear

Based in Australia, PSW has a wide range of school uniform items and also labelled uniform items, go to the website to find the right school wear for you child.

14. The Uniform Company

An online store based in Australia with specialized uniforms for across the nation covering Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and more, with competitive prices this is a great website to find your needed uniforms.

15. Perm-A-Pleat School Wear

From standard school uniform supplies to school sport wear items, Perm-A-Pleat has a fantastic range of school wear items, also based from Perth with shipping across Australia.

16. Pickles School Wear

Based in NSW, Pickles School Wear has all ranges of uniform items needed for the school year with great prices and shipping across the nation.

17. Beleza

Australian made and delivered, Beleza has a great selection of daily school wear and labelled uniforms, got to their website to fin your child’s school.

18. Tudor School Uniforms

Another Perth Based online store, Tudor School Uniforms covers all clothing items from polos, school hats and jumpers with competitive prices.

19. Excel Uniforms

Made to order from an Australian based online store, Excel Uniforms have great options for finding the best school wear options for your child.

20. Devon Clothing

Professionally designed and crafted uniforms, owned by a South Australian Family, Devon clothing ships all of your needed uniform items across the nation at great prices and quality clothing.

21. Trutex

Based in the UK but has now found based agents in Australia, Trutex designs light fabric uniforms for the Australian climate with fantastic ranges and prices.

22. FlexiSchools

FlexiSchools is an online website that offers placing order on uniforms online instead of sending your kid to the uniform shop with a pocket of cash, this great online website delivers uniforms to your door as well.




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