5 Tips to Help You Choose Safe Baby Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

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5 Tips to Help You Choose Safe Baby Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

Having a baby is the most magical time in the world but it can also be a little stressful. There are so many products that you need to buy and many that you do not, with copious amounts of baby stores to visit and an abundance of brands to choose from.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone did all of the hard work for you, if someone took all of the best products (the ones you actually need) from the safest and most reputable brands and made them all available for you in the one place.

Well, Mumma-to-be, you are in luck because that is exactly what Metro Baby have done. Metro Baby is your new one-stop online baby shop, where the products have been hand selected by mum’s for mum’s.

The mums at Metro Baby want to share their knowledge with you, to help you choose useful, high quality and most importantly, safe products that you and your baby will love. Here are some tips to help you on your journey as you shop from the comfort of your own home.

What Safety Features to Look for In a Pram and Car Seat

When it comes to choosing a pram there are a few important safety features to keep in mind.metrobabyau 122782340 343175763454618 1668328313580918146 n | Stay at Home

The Restraint System

When it comes to restraints, a five-point harness with a crotch strap is the safest option. Make sure the buckle is easy enough for use multiple times a day but also hard enough that your little one won’t be able to figure it out themselves.

Reclining Position

As newborns are unable to support their own head, if you will be using the pram from birth then it is important that the pram has the ability to recline to a flat position.


A good hood/canopy will protect your baby from the elements and give them the peace and quiet they need to sleep. Hoods/canopies with view holes are also great for keeping an eye on your little one.


Make sure you look for a pram with brakes that lock two wheels at a time rather than one, as this will mean there is less likelihood of your pram rolling away. The brake lever should be red and easy to spot.

Safety Strap

A safety strap or tether on the handle provides extra safety and ensures that the pram won’t slip from your grip.

Uppababy – Vista V2 With Bassinet

The best feature on this bad boy (which can transport three kids at once by the way) is the extendable canopy. It is a zip-out canopy which allows additional sun protection and has mesh panels to make it easy to look in whilst allowing extra airflow.

Cybex – Priam Pram + Seat Pack (Rose Gold)

Have you ever tried to wheel a pram on sand? I’ll tell you what, it’s hard work! Not with the PRIAM though, it has a two-wheel mode which ensures a smooth and safe ride on uneven, bumpy surfaces such as sandy beaches or stairs.

Babyzen Yoyo² – Pram (Black) & Seat Cover & Newborn Bassinet

As well as having all of the safety features that you need in a pram, the Babyzen Yoyo² is so light and compact that you can fold it up and carry it over your shoulder.

Looking for the safest way for your baby to travel safely in the car? Here are a few things to look for when buying a car seat.

Safety Label

This is the most important and really the only thing that you need to look for because this label means that the car seat has been tested and meets Australian safety standards. When you choose your seat make sure that it has the relevant label on it which should read, AS/NZS 1754 (either 2004, 2010 or 2013).

Shoulder Height Labels

These labels let you know what position your child should be in, rear or forward-facing.

Cybex – Cloud Q Capsule (Black)

The Cloud Q rear-facing capsule comes equipped with Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection which minimises the impact in the occurrence of a collision and redirects the shock to the capsules specially designed shell.

Top Products to Keep Your Baby Safe

shnuggle | Stay at Home

Bath Time Safety

As a new mum, bath time can be a bit of a scary task but luckily Metro Baby have a range of products that will take some of the stress out for you. If you are nervous about holding your little one in the bath, the Shnuggle bath tub has you convered. This tub helps support even the tiniest baby right up to 12 months+. The foam back rest keeps baby cosy and the rubber feet keeps the bath in place. With its compact size, it uses only two litres of water and fits inside most kitchen sinks too….WINNING! There’s also no need to worry about getting the temperature wrong with the Philips Avent – Room and Bath Thermometer you’ll get it just right every time.

Safe Sleeping

In those first few weeks of motherhood, you long for some rest, ‘sleep when they sleep’ people will tell you, but how can you sleep when you are spending every second minute fighting the urge to go and check on your baby? The Oricom – Secure860 3.5″³ Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor allows you to see, hear and soothe your baby from anywhere in the house.

This monitor has everything, including a 4.3″³ high quality video display, digital zoom on parent unit, infrared camera for night vision and room temperature display. It also plays soothing lullabies and even has the ability to talk to your baby through the monitor.

Buy an Oricom Secure860 Touchscreen Video Monitor (Silver) Online in Australia

Protection from Germs

As a mum you want to protect your baby from germs which is exactly what the X5 Sterilising Wand does.

The wand is great for using at home, the office and while travelling. With the click of a button the UV LED technology and ultraviolet light directly damages bacteria via physical means, to achieve quick, convenient and efficient disinfection while being 100% ozone and chemical free.

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Carrier?

When your baby reaches four months of age it is safe to begin using a baby carrier. They are a great alternative to a pram and perfect if you have a fussy baby who doesn’t like to be put down. I find them great for traveling, especially when you aren’t sure if the place you are visiting is pram friendly, and then when you aren’t using it you can fit it easily into your suitcase.

metrobabyau 123072604 717241605806393 8485158049237378894 n | Stay at Home

Here are the things to consider when choosing the perfect baby carrier:

Baby’s Hip Position

Your baby’s thighs should be supported, and their hips should be spread so that their legs can staddle your body if they are facing you.


Ensuring that the carrier has good lumber support, a broad hip or waist strap to take the weight off your shoulders will make it easier to carry your little one around all day.

Size and Fit

Is the carrier the right fit for your baby? is it deep enough to support their back? It is also important to check that the leg openings suit your child’s size and weight – ensure they aren’t so big that they can slip out or so small that they are uncomfortable.


Does the baby carrier come with clear instructions or video tutorials to teach you how to use it?


Babies can overheat easily in carriers, so it is important to make sure that the material on the carrier that you choose is breathable and lightweight if you live in a hotter climate. The material should also be soft on your baby’s skin.

Ease of Use

You should be able to put the carrier on and take it off on your own without assistance.

Ergobaby – Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier (Midnight Blue)

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier is comfortable for you to wear and for your baby to travel in, it is also perfect for warmer climates as it is specially designed to keep your baby cool with durable and breathable mesh.

Baby Bjorn – Baby Carrier One Air (Silver 3d Mesh)

The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air has a sturdy waist belt and padded shoulders straps which helps relieve pressure on your back and shoulders. It also allows you to carry your baby in four different positions.

The One Thing You Need in Your Nursery to Keep Your Little One Entertained

s l1600 1 | Stay at Home

If you only invest in one toy, then it has to be The Skip Hop – Explore & More Musical Instrument Set

The Explore & More Mucial Instrument set has everything mini musicians need to start a band.

Just the right size for little hands, this instrument set features a Bee hand drum, Fox tambourine and Bee clacker for ultimate self-expression. Get ready to rock!

Whether it is a trendy yet safe floor mat, a bouncer, an activity centre or a swaddle that you need, Metro Baby have it and they’ve done the research on it to make sure it is a product that you are going to be satisfied with.

5 Tips to Help You Choose Safe Baby Products That Will Make Your Life Easier | Stay at Home Mum

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