Superwoman Hits The WallAre You Struggling To Keep Up With Being The Perfect Wife, Mother and Housemaid?

Is being the ‘perfect’ person, mum and wife really so very important?

Superwoman Hits The Wall


Not only am I a recovering perfectionist, I am a mad multi-tasker. The two once went hand-in-hand and made juggling a full-time job, playing house and a kicking social life a physical challenge that I couldn’t get enough of! It was a breeze…Or was it? Is it perhaps, that I recall it being as easy as putting on my superwoman cape and doing all that needed to be done with a snap of my fingers because it’s more complicated with two small children hanging off that cape? Actually, who am I kidding? They don’t really hang off my cape…they stole it and put it in their dress-up box for playing make-believe.

And there it shall stay.

I’ve come to realise that doing it all, being ready for anything at any time and making sure every sock has a partner before it hits the drawer, is all very well to aim for, but if it doesn’t all go to plan, then that’s ok. It has also come to my attention that my life might not now be a fast-moving action-filled task-fest (cue cape-wearing memories), but that it is a bit more the age-old fairytale. You know how those stories go: starts off with easy days, gets crazy in the middle then follows through with some kind of happily-ever-after. Mine is not really bluebirds and glass slippers, but rather something along the lines of blue pyjamas and soft house scuffs.

Superwoman Hits The Wall

The Fairytale Of A Perfectionist Life

Chapter One: How It Was

Once upon a time, in the land of clean and tidy houses, lived a man and a woman.  They got a cat.

Chapter Two: How It Is Now

The man and woman had some children and learned some things:

  • Chicken nuggets can be bought in bulk
  • The washing basket has no bottom
  • Trying to keep a perfectly clean and tidy house, a perfectly balanced relationship and perfectly happy children, will do you in. Completely.

Chapter Three: How It Shall Be Forever More

They let go of trying to be perfect people, parents and housemaids and instead focused on trying to be grateful for and enjoy their life together (as much as possible), work through the times when they did yell at each other and cleaned the shower every other week when it was all just a bit too much.

The End.

Ps. No one knows what happened to the cat. Could be in the dress-up box.

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