If Toddlers Had Facebook, This is What They’d Say

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If Toddlers Had Facebook, This is What They’d Say

What would you if your toddler threw shade on you on your Facebook timeline? Could you handle the #hilarious truth?

This is what the world would look like if toddlers conspired and shared ideas about your parenting in their own social network. And yes, they know their way around hashtags and likes.

‘If Toddlers Had Facebook’ in Tumblr perfectly captures what these ruthless, cute little creatures are thinking in their own world.  This may be a social parody account but it’s hilarious. They rant against all our parental hopes and fails. Their silence only means they are watching every thing you do. Beware!

The usual hairstyle bothers them…..


Target is where all the cool babies hang out….


When tantrums won’t work anymore…


No ‘pin’ limits on Pinterest


Think they didn’t see you sipping wine?


Because kids are parrots…. 

enhanced-buzz-18788-1459368942-5When your parents are on date night….


Don’t tell me how to live….

enhanced-buzz-28651-1459368690-5A child in a clean house? Yeah right! 


Toddlers + Eating Out…..Uh Oh!


The Teething ‘Emo’ Song


It’s a hard-knock life for us!


Toddlers are always full of surprises, don’t you think so?

If Toddlers Had Facebook, This is What They Have To Say

Source: Buzzfeed

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