10 Foods And Drinks That Can Kill Your Sex Drive

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10 Foods And Drinks That Can Kill Your Sex Drive

If you or your other half are constantly finding that you’re no longer in the mood for loving, it could be because of what you’re eating and drinking.

We often hear about aphrodisiacs that are out there in the form of food and pills designed to boost libido and performance, but did you know that there is something called an “anaphrodisiac”, which is the total opposite? They can prevent you from having enjoyable or pleasurable sex…or having any at all.

Some foods can mess around with our hormones and cause our levels of testosterone or oestrogen to fluctuate. An imbalance of hormones can cause libidos to go through the floor.

Here are some of the biggest culprits:

10 Foods And Drinks That Can Kill Your Sex Drive

1. Alcohol


Have you ever heard the term “Brewer’s Droop” to describe a bloke unable to get it up because he’s had too much to drink? That’s because drinking alcohol to excess can make sex difficult. For men, it can cause difficulties in getting and keeping an erection, and for women, it can cause reduced lubrication, and can make achieving orgasms more difficult.

2. Diet soft drinks

Diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame that can affect your serotonin levels. Researchers have found that low serotonin is associated with lower libidos in men and women.

3. Coffee


If you are a huge coffee drinker, you might want to cut back for lots of reasons, including to save your libido. Researchers have found that drinking five to six cups of coffee daily can damage your adrenal glands. This in turn can produce stress hormones. The more stressed you are, the less you can perform in bed.

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