15 Educational Youtube Channels You Will Be Happy for Your Kids to Watch

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Every parent worries about what their kids are watching online.

There are a lot of things that you don’t want your kids to see online, and with technology getting closer to younger people, you may find a hard time controlling what they watch online. But, worry not, Mum! There are a lot of programs in YouTube that are educational and will make sure that you will be happy your kids watched it.



Here are 15 educational YouTube channels that you won’t mind your children watching.

1) Hobby Kids TV

HobbyKidsTV is a channel for both kids and adults. Kids can get some great stories and other fun programming content from this channel. Adults can also get great reviews on toys and up-to-date news about the latest trends of what kids are into.

2) It’s Okay To Be Smart


It’s Okay to Be Smart is a science-based channel for kids to learn about the universe. They will get basic information on our solar system and how it affects the way we live.

3) Kids Animal Channel


With Kids Animal Channel, you can take your child to the zoo right from the comforts of a computer. Kids can learn about many different types of animal species that exist throughout multiple countries.

4) PBS Kids


PBS Kids is one of the longest running television programs for children. From old shows such as Clifford the Red Dog to Sid the Science Kid, PBS has constantly been providing a lot of entertainment to kids across the world. There are endless amounts of hours of child friendly content on PBS Kids that are appropriate for all ages. Some of them are for learning and some of them are for entertainment purposes.

5) Word World PBS


It’s a firm belief that kids should get an early head start on reading words out loud and basic word comprehension. Word World PBS exists to help kids just starting to learn about reading comprehension and basic words. This channel is an amazing help and compliment to what your child can expect to learn in school.

6) TED Education


TED Education is an educational channel that covers a wide variety of topics. It explores new avenues of learning in a way that most channels don’t offer today.

7) Speakaboos



If your child is having trouble reading, Speakaboos is a wonderful channel for those looking for assistance to help their child read. They have a wide range of books to help them out as well.

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