How To Find Your Balance With IKEA: Interior-Scaping For Quiet 2pm Rituals

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<strong>How To Find Your Balance With IKEA: Interior-Scaping For Quiet 2pm Rituals</strong>

It’s that moment when the morning dash is done, the house is tidy and the kids are still in school… Bliss!

It might sound simple, but a quiet moment here and an activity on your own is enough to make your home a source of happiness and well-being. 

IKEA’s ushering in a new idea of practising small, but impactful everyday rituals, by furnishing and designing your home around bringing a little extra joy into your day…and ultimately, your life! Your reward? A still mind that stays peaceful long after 2pm!

Here’s our product picks to get your home feeling more zen each and every day!

How To Find Your Balance With IKEA: Interior-Scaping For Quiet 2pm Rituals

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For The Green Thumbs

You’re a mum. Caring is in your nature, but often are you caring for you?  Take some time out of each day to care for and nurture some plant life. Whether it’s the fragrance of fresh botanicals or the satisfying feeling of a gentle mister, like IKEA’s chic GRADVIS mister, there’s something therapeutic about the plant mum routine. 

We’ve also got our eye on the SUCCULENT potted plant! This sleek, modern pot comes with a succulent already growing, so you get to focus on the soothing ritual of watering, pruning and caring for your plant. These cute, little plants are famous for being incredibly low maintenance. That means this therapeutic ritual is more for your benefit than theirs!

For The Zen Gurus

Your New 2pm Rituals: When The Home Is At Its Quietest And There’s Time Just For You | Stay At Home Mum

You spend all day keeping an ear out for screams and bangs and tantrums, so now’s the time to keep your ears open for silence. Find a comfortable spot in your home, or make one with a sturdy yet cosy BASTUA floor cushion cushion pad from IKEA, and simply sit for a moment. Taking in long, deep breaths, listen to the stillness of the house. Enjoy the absence of any noise, chatter or general kiddy chaos.

If you really want to practise mindfulness, take this quiet moment to the next level and engage all your senses. Brew a soul-calming cup of tea with a RIKLIG Teapot. The integrated infuser ensures you get the full body of flavour in every cup. While waiting, light a JÄMLIK scented candle and let the pleasant scents gently fill your home. Aromatherapy is a great way to manage stress, so make the most of your window of tranquillity and cement this ritual into your afternoon routine.

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For The Creative Genius

Whether you’re writing, painting, designing or just tinkering away on your latest crochet piece, it’s important to have a space dedicated for your craft. IKEA can help transform any part of the house into a studio, without taking space away from the kids.Their HÅVERUD table will help create a small but dedicated creative space. The storage ladder means you can hang your brushes, yarn, artworks and more to adorn it with an aesthetic based on your own creative pursuits.

For The Nature Lovers

Your New 2pm Rituals: When The Home Is At Its Quietest And There’s Time Just For You | Stay At Home Mum

Combine the therapeutic benefits of meditation and nature by stepping out of the house for a walk! Light exercise in the sunshine is proven to help both your mind and body, so whether it’s a lap around the block or a stroll through a park, you’ll return knowing you’ve used your time wisely. It’s important to stay hydrated (and be reminded to actually take a walk) so pick up IKEA’s cute BASTUA water bottle and place it in an easy-to-see spot in your home.

If you’re looking for other ways to help turn a happy home into a happy you, check out IKEA’s full list of everyday rituals. They don’t just inspire you to take time back for yourself, but also show you how to furnish your home in ways that support your own wellbeing. 

Click here to get inspired by IKEA’s everyday rituals. Because when home feels happy you do too. 

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