The Heaviest People On EarthObesity At Levels You’ve Never Seen Before..

The Biggest Of The Big

At the top of the pile, ahead of everyone else when it comes to the numbers on the scale, are the record breakers. The unbelievable people who are considered the heaviest people in the world.

Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari, peak weight 610kg

Heaviest People On Earth Break All The Wrong Records | Stay At Home Mum

Born in 1991, Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari is a Saudi Arabian man who, in August 2013, was officially found to be the heaviest person on the planet.

In fact, he is the second heaviest person ever recorded in human history. Weighing in at 610 kilograms, he recorded a BMI of 204, the highest ever measured. The King of Saudi Arabia ordered him to be moved from his home to Riyadh, the capital, in order to reach doctors, and in 6 months he was able to lose more than half of his body weight. As of 2015, it appears he may have kept the weight off.

Patrick Deuel, peak weight 486kg

Heaviest People On Earth Break All The Wrong Records | Stay At Home Mum

Patrick Deuel was widely known for his infamous title of one of the heaviest people in the world thanks to his television career.

In 2005, he was the star of a documentary called The Half Ton Man, which documented his struggle with weight, and the challenges of being totally immobile due to his dangerously high weight. Following the documentary, Patrick received hospital treatment and participated in an obesity rehabilitation program. He lost a significant amount of weight, but unfortunately was not able to stop his bad eating and lifestyle habits, and he gained much of the weight back.

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Mayra Rosales, peak weight 470kg

Heaviest People On Earth Break All The Wrong Records | Stay At Home Mum

One of the few women on this list, Mayra Rosales tipped the scales at a massive 470 kilograms at her peak.

Her name perhaps isn’t so well known, although in 2008 she became widely known by another name: The Half-Ton Killer. Rosales had taken the blame for the death of her nephew, who was actually killed by her sister, by claiming that she had fallen on the boy, and crushed him with her enormous bulk. After the media frenzy, Rosales became very motivated to lose weight, and in 2013 she revealed that she had lost around 360kg of her previous weight.

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