Meeting New Friends as a Grown up

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Meeting New Friends as a Grown up

With school starting back soon, a lot of families have moved to new towns, interstate or even overseas.

It is a big deal with organising removalists, electricity  phones, kids schools and all this is doubled because you have to finalise everything one end and make sure the other end is ready for your arrival!

Once all the unpacking is done and kids are organised and off to their new schools, mums can suddenly find themselves very lonely and isolated. It can take months to find the friends that fit you in a new place. If you are worried or having difficulty then there are some suggestions that might help and get you out and about in your new neighbourhood.

School Mums

P & C or school council meetings are a great place to start. You don’t have to take a position on the committee, but at least when you attend you can have some input into your school. Canteen duty is a great way to meet other mums and are usually days that are a catch up on all things happening in the school and community, as well as helping out the school and having a chin wag

Gym Buddies

If you are a fitness mum or dad, then the gym is good place to start. A lot of gyms now have Creches available for parents with smaller children, so you can get a workout (which helps when you are feeling blue) and meet other people. Look in the local phone book, or the internet, a lot of towns now have most information on their own website. See what local sports are on in your area and join in a club.

Meeting New Friends as a Grown up

Out and About

Dogs in the family? Then take them for a walk. People are usually out and about in their gardens in the afternoon and a quick hello can turn into a quick cuppa, or lunch downtown.


Check out what goes on in your town and groups that are running. You can find clubs, fitness groups just for mums, even volunteering for a charity group. Just to get you out and mixing with other grown ups.

Friends of the Library

This is a group that is run by everyday people in a your local library. They help out with getting books (electronic and speaking) to the elderly who are either in Aged Care or are stuck at home.

True friends are hard to find, but you have to look otherwise you never know what opportunities you might have missed.

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