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6 Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget - Stay at Home Mum

6 Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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6 Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Stats show that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time!

Lets get rid of the crap and make some money at the same time – and build a brilliant, practical wardrobe for next season! Here’s 6 tips for updating your wardrobe on a budget!

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Don’t Shop When You’re Bored!

Try to avoid shopping when you’re feeling bored – it’s a recipe for disaster!  Get stuck into some Spring Cleaning or take the kids to the park – do anything except go to the shops – the feeling will pass.  Boredom can cost you big dollars! Make sure when you do go clothes shopping you have a plan and a budget!

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Do a Wardrobe Checklist

Do you find yourself always shopping for clothes even though you have a cupboard full? (guilty!) – analyse your current wardrobe, what you wear, what you don’t, what you NEED!  Get rid of the items you never wear either on Ebay or a Garage Sale or even a clothes swap party and put the money towards what you need.  Keep the list in your wardrobe – having items you need will give you something to look forward to – and will hopefully prevent you buying that latest high-waisted pink skirt that you know you’ll never wear!

Try putting your everyday shoes in a convenient spot like near the front door to save extra room in your wardrobe!

Rewards Programs

Turn your need to shop into a need to ‘save’.  Many stores have great sign-up programs etc that offer free points. When you NEED to make a purchase from a particular store – at least you have the opportunity to get something for free in the future.  Don’t use it as an excuse to spend money for something for free – use it wisely.

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Check Your Docket

Make sure the bargain you’ve scored really is a bargain – check your receipt every single time – it’s easier to fix a mistake then and there as opposed to when you get home or a week or two later.  Check that the price is correct, and discounts are applied and the terms and conditions for return if something isn’t right.  You will find most of the time a genuine mistake has been made and shops are only too happy to fix it and keep you a happy customer!

Try it On!

What looks cute on the hanger might not look so cute on!  Take the extra few minutes to try on clothing to make sure it fits correctly.  Make sure the garment is in good order, and there are no stains, marks or tears.

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Buy at the End of the Season

If you are into classic styles rather than the latest fashion – shopping at the end of the season could save you a mint!  Choose garments that will stand the test of time and that the colour suits your complexion.  It then won’t matter if it’s one season, or five seasons old – it will still look great!

What are your tips for getting a great deal?

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