The Best Toys Online To Use Your Tax Return Money

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The Best Toys Online To Use Your Tax Return Money

The Best Toys Online To Use Your Tax Return Money

Tax time, if you are lucky means some extra money in the bank!

I swear that every year, I say to myself “I’ll start buying Christmas presents for the kids in July, so I am more organised and not feeling so stressed in December!” but then I get distracted, find other things to spend it on like bills and all that boring stuff. But, this year I’m going to try again, so I’ve done some research about what are the best places to find toys online.

It’s so much better come Christmas time, to be more organized and not feel that big burn in your wallet.

It isn’t just about how much we can spend around Christmas time, I think kid’s these days – often have so many of the same types of toys!

Trying to find something unique and engaging can be really hard. Through my research online, I’ve found some really amazing and unique toys for all different age groups. In my household, we have 6 kids (3 boys and 3 girls) so I’m excited to buy them a few different types of toys to surprise them with.

Entropy Toys

Entropy Toys is an Australian online store that supplies a really amazing range of development and educational toys for babies, toddlers, children and even adults. These toys are unique and high quality, so you are bound to find something interesting that will keep any child amused for a while! They also offer gift wrapping, so it’s perfect if you want to send a gift, plus they also offer Afterpay!

I was really impressed looking at this website, there was just so much variety but I really loved how different some of they were! It wasn’t just the typical $2 type toys, but toys with an educational purpose behind them.

Here are some of the best sellers at Entropy Toys right now:

Melody Mix Musical Toy Set

Price: $109.95

Melody Mix Musical Toy Set | Stay At Home Mum
Mini-Flip Mix & Match 3 in 1 | Stay At Home Mum
Tobbles Neo Stacking Toy | Stay At Home Mum

Purple Turtle Toys

Purple Turtle Toys – try and say that three times fast! In all seriousness though, this store has a ridiculously massive range of toys available to purchase online.

If you have a kid into lego, STEM or Picasso Tiles, then Purple Turtle Toys is the place to go! I swear most kids love lego, it’s like a timeless toy really! Purple Turtle Toys offer Afterpay, and ordering online is really simple and quick.

One of my kids is really into Lego, and Harry Potter.

Combine the two and there is the perfect Christmas present. Purple Turtle Toys had quite a few to choose from, but it’s made my job a lot easier that’s for sure.

Here is a hint of some of the great toys available online:

LEGO Star Wars 75304 Darth Vadar Helmet

Price: $79.99

LEGO Star Wars 75304 Darth Vadar Helmet| Stay At Home Mum   | Stay At Home Mum

PicassoTiles 136 Building Block Set

Price: $119.95

PicassoTiles 136 Building Block Set | Stay At Home Mum

Hubelino Marble Run Basic Building Box

Price: $159.95

Hubelino Marble Run Basic Building Box | Stay At Home Mum

Yellow Octopus

Yellow Octopus is a great online gift store, with a hilarious range of products for adults – but also the kids too!

Especially if you love giving your child a gift that will make them laugh or bring out their silly side – Yellow Octopus is the place. They have products suitable for newborns and gifts suitable for teens. They offer free delivery over $99, and you can purchase through Afterpay as well.

I have a tween in the house, and finding something for them for Christmas has been so hard this year! She is really getting into decorating her room, I can remember being the same at that age too! Yellow Octopus have a fun range of different decor items that are right up her ally!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the products available at Yellow Octopus:

T Rex Dinosaur LED Night Light

Price: $58.99

T Rex Dinosaur LED Night Light | Stay At Home Mum

DIY Wooden Koala Planter Pot 3D

Price: $28.99

DIY Wooden Koala Planter Pot 3D | Stay At Home Mum

Toy Universe

Toy Universe is more of a traditional toy store, but in saying that – they are reasonably priced, with a massive variety of toys to suit all ages.

While it’s great to find unique and different, sometimes the kids will request another barbie or another lego set, and god help you if you don’t deliver. If you need to make a bulk order for Christmas (great if you have a few kids in mind), Toy Universe offer lay-by, afterpay and zip-pay as well.

I have two toddlers at home, and one is absolutely obsessed with anything Disney Cars & Planes related. Even though the movies are a few years old, I swear almost every little boy goes through a phase of loving those movies. Toy Universe had a great range of toys to choose from for him, I know his going to love them!

Here is a few of the best sellers at Toy Universe at the moment:

VTech Kidizoom DUO Kid’s Camera 5.0 in Blue

Price: $79.99

VTech Kidizoom DUO Kid's Camera 5.0 in Blue | Stay At Home Mum

Build A Bot Ladybug

Price: $29.99

Build A Bot Ladybug | Stay At Home Mum

Pop It Fidget Toy Supersized Rainbow Square

Price: $14.99

The Best Toy Sales Online To Use Your Tax Return | Stay At Home Mum

I’ve done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is add to cart and check out!

The Best Toy Sales Online To Use Your Tax Return | Stay At Home Mum

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