The QLD Government Has $75m Unclaimed Money And Some Of It Could Be YoursMake it Rain!!!

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  • The QLD Government Has $75m Unclaimed Money And Some Of It Could Be Yours

The Queensland Government currently has $75million unclaimed money.

The amount has been accumulated from several sources such as government departments and agencies, shares, investments, deceased estates and unclaimed wages for employees covered by the Legal Aid Queensland Employees Award.

According to the unclaimed money register obtained by Courier- Mail from the state’s Public Trustee, around 131,000 people are owed at least $100 each. The register contains details of unclaimed money from deceased estates administered by the Public Trustee and unclaimed money received from other sources. The records also showed 1,390,287 records of unclaimed money and 996,838 of which have Queensland postcodes.

River City residents has $2.8 million waiting to be claimed and they have most unclaimed money on the list and next is Toowoomba postcode 4350 with $2.6 million. There are several factors as to why the government can hold millions of unclaimed money and this is because recipients could have relocated several times or have moved overseas without updating their details. It is encouraged to update personal details such as email addresses and phone numbers as soon as possible to avoid cases like this. Most people are surprised when they are reunited with “long forgotten funds” and the Public Trustee encourages Queenslanders check if their names are on the list and to claim the funds.

“There is a simple process to locate and claim money, just go to the Public Trustee’s website and enter your details in the unclaimed moneys database, download the claim form and follow the lodgement steps,” she said. “There is no interest included on amounts payable to a claimant … however, the person or company holding the money may be legally entitled to certain costs and amounts owed to them before paying the balance to the Public Trustee.”  A spokeswoman from the Public Trustee said in an interview with Courier-Mail.

You can search your name at the Public Trustee’s unclaimed money database (CLICK HERE). Once you see your name on the list, you will be required to fill out this application form, present several proofs of identification such as your passport, IDs, credit card and medicare card to name a few. You will also be required to present certified true copies signed by the Justice of the Peace and Commissioner for Declarations. You will also be asked to submit evidence of your association to the lodger of the funds.

For answers to FAQs, you can click here and for more information about how to claim unclaimed money, CLIK HERE.

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