Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen’s Night

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Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen’s Night

Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen’s Night

It’s time for the ladies to let loose out on the town, celebrating a bride to be! The Bachelorette Party or more popularly known as the ‘Hen’s Night’ is a chance to give the bride-to-be one epic “last night of pre-marital freedom” with her bridesmaids before tying the knot. Most of the time, a Hen’s Party will consist of everything penis related, card games and drinking games, a few bride to be gifts and a whole lot of good fun and great memories to be made.

Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen's Night

Never Hosted a Hen’s Party?

If you’ve never attended or hosted a bachelorette / Hens party, let us hook you up, here are some tips to host the perfect hen’s night!

Involve the Bride

It can be tempting to keep it all a surprise for the bride, but even if it’s just a short convo about who she wants to invite, the events and places she would like to go and the overall theme of the night. Some hens might not also be comfortable with being the centre of attention all night either, so check in with her and see what she is comfortable with.

Also, some brides-to-be would be mortified at the thought of strippers… so definitely discuss that first!

Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen's Night

Pace The Drinkies 

To keep everyone out of the toilet bowl early on, make sure that your hen’s party group pace themselves throughout the night. Offer water, food and remedies to help with the hangover the next day. It will help avoid having the group babysit one gal who has drunk just a bit too much before 10pm.

Book Transport In Advance 

Nothing worse, than everyone being ready to go and then you find out you have to wait for a taxi or Uber for another hour! Prevent any hiccups like that, and book your transport in advance to keep your girls on time to their venues.

Transport Ideas can include:

  • Look at hiring a mini-bus – when you divide the cost amongst everyone – it works out quite affordable.
  • Hire a Limo and go in style!
  • Look at hiring a Party Bus for the evening

Discuss Costs Before Hand

It can be tricky to bring up but organize with all your ladies a budget for activities, bride to be gifts, drinks and meals if needed. Another way is that everyone pays their own way on the night, of course, exclude the bride to be.

Costs can include the following:

  • Transport Costs
  • Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations
  • Strippers

Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen's Night

Is The Conversation Getting Awkward? 

If you’ve started the drinks before heading out, and it’s feeling a little awkward between all the girls. Hen’s nights usually aren’t just all your mates – often the mother of the bride or Aunties etc will come along too.

To get all the girls talking and interacting together, start with a drink and some fun hen’s night games to loosen everyone up. Often bridal parties will consist of women who aren’t necessarily friends or know each other well. So it’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and break the ice!  Starting the hen’s night at someone’s home so that the older ladies who might not want to go out and get f***ed up at the club can enjoy the night before you start raging is a nifty idea!

Maybe even start with a few of the more embarrassing bride to be gifts below!

Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen's Night

Hen’s Night Activity Ideas

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for what to do on a hen’s night – here are some ideas!

  • Go to a Theatre Restaurant – Dracula’s at the Gold Coast is super fun!
  • Book a spa weekend for you and your friends
  • Book a country house for the weekend
  • Book a private dining room at a fancy restaurant
  • Go to a Teppanyaki Restaurant – they are always loads of fun
  • Book a marquee at the Races
  • Go out for Karaoke
  • Go to a Male Revue Show
  • Have a Gin Tasting Party
  • Have High Tea
  • Book a Pole Dancing Lesson
  • Go on a Winery Tour
  • Have a Cocktail Making Lesson
  • Book a Boat Cruise
  • Have a Movie Night
  • Have a Murder Mystery Evening
  • Go Glamping on the Beach
  • Pottery Making Class
  • Go to a Sip and Paint Night
  • Do an Escape Room
  • Attend a Ghost Tour or Cemetery Tour or visit an old Jail
  • Mini Golf

Okay, now the fun stuff…

If you are planning a hen’s party, we have some naughty, fun and hilarious recommendations of must haves for hosting the perfect hens night.

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2. Kepher Games Bride-To-Be Bar Dare Stickers

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These dare stickers will make your night out on the town very interesting. There are 40 different stickers, each with a different dare. It includes dares like “Do a body shot off someone” so it will keep your bride, and bridal party very entertained that’s for sure!

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3. Bride to be Gift #2 (Or Hilarious Keepsake): Empire Labs Clone-A-Pussy Silicone Casting Kit

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This one is a bit of fun, and if you have enough to drink, who knows what will happen! This clone-a-pussy will literally create an exact replica of your vagina (could be a gift for the groom maybe?). This kit includes silicone, moulding powder and a moulding container.

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4. Hen’s Party Game: Pipedream Inflatable Pecker Sword Fight Game 

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No hen’s party isn’t complete without a game or accessory involving penises and this one is hilarious. Sword Fight on your opponent with this strap-on inflatable penis. This game is bound to have you in stitches after a few drinks! Perfect as an ice breaker and to set the mood for the night ahead.

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5. Bride to be Gift #3: Wild Secrets x Berlin Baby Read Romance Bondage Set

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6. Hen’s Party Game: Pipedream Party Pecker Inflatable Strap-On Ring Toss Game 

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Check out how good your aim is, with this ring toss on the penis game! A perfect pre-drinking game to play, it comes with an inflatable strap on and three inflatable rings.

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7. Kheper Games Strawberry Champagne Scented Penis Bath Bombs

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While it will make your bride and bridal party have a good giggle over these penis-shaped bath bombs, they also serve a purpose. They are strawberry champagne scented bath bombs! These are perfect as a party favour on a hens night! Maybe your hens night is a luxury room that has an awesome spa bath.

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8. Bride to be Gift #4: Le Wand All That Glimmers Petite Wand Massager

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This gift is awesome, guaranteed to provide solo pleasure, or even take along for the honeymoon to spice things up. This massager wand is all about that glitter, it’s smaller in size and just as powerful. With an easy to hold handle, the head of this massager will hit all the right spots. With 10 different vibration speeds and 6 different vibration patterns, this gift pack comes with an enamel pin, body accessories and a glitter travel case.

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9. Bride to be Gift #5: Secret Kisses Rouge Set With Clutch, Pasties, Bullet & Games (5 Pce)

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10. Keepsake: Pipedream I Love Peckers Ceramic Shot Glass 

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Make a statement with this ridiculous Love Peckers” shot glass. Either buy just the bride one or get your group one each. Making taking a shot that extra level of fun and a keepsake for everyone at the event.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen’s Night. All the best, have fun!

Top 10 Things You NEED To Host The Perfect Hen's Night | Stay at Home Mum

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