Two Sides Of Birth Photography

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Two Sides Of Birth Photography

If You Decide To Go Ahead

Of course, my opinion is just one opinion, and you might find that the idea of a birth photographer really resonates with you and your partner. If that is the case, here are a few things you might want to do.

1. Pick The Right Person

Don’t just pick a birth photographer on a whim. Look at their work, talk with them, and make sure their personality and style suits you. Remember that something small that you don’t like about them is likely to be exaggerated when you’re uncomfortable and in labour.

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2. Get What You Pay For

If you’re really dedicated to birth photography, you should understand that you will get what you pay for in a photographer. A budget photographer may not be able to offer the images that you want, and you might find them intrusive or distracting if they aren’t used to the genre of birth photography.

3. Read Their Contract

If your birth photographer doesn’t have a contract, they’re probably not a good fit. If they do, you need to make sure that you read it well and make sure there are provisos in there for early and late labour, outside-of-hours labour and no-show refunds.


4. Check The Rules

Before you pay your deposit for the photographer, it’s worth calling up to check with your local hospital about the rules for having a birth photographer. Some hospitals and doctors put harsh limits on where photographers can go that could ruin your photos.

5. Make Plans For C-Section

Just because you have a natural birth planned, doesn’t mean everything will go to plan. Birth photographers are rarely allowed into surgery, so make sure you talk to your photographer about what they will do if you have an emergency c-section to ensure you still get some images you can treasure.

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