What the F*ck Should I Make for Dinner and 45 Other Amazingly Helpful WebsitesThe internet is a weird, wonderful place...

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The internet is a weird, weird place. But also wonderful, on its own merits.

What website do you open first when you turn on your computer?

Probably Facey, probably your email. But there are literally a bazillion other things you can do on the internet.

Hold on, this is not going to turn into that Windows 95 tutorial with Jen Aniston and Matt Perry. We’re cool and hip and current… and did we mention cool? Anyway, you’re going to love this one.

Here are 45 amazingly helpful websites you might have never knew existed!

1. 10 Minute Mail

via 10minutemail.com

If you need a ‘throwaway’ email address for entering competitions or getting something free, this will allow you to sign up and then shut down in 10 minutes flat! A great way to avoid spam and clogging up your inbox!

2. What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

via wordpress.com
via wordpress.com


A hilarious and naughty website that will make suggestions for you.  And if you don’t like those suggestions, it will tell you where to go! Hilarious!

3. Raiz

acorns app

If you are really crap at saving money, this is the App for you.  The App rounds up all your purchases, and invests the money into the stockmarket.  You can take it out at any time.  A great way to start seeing an investment grow, without having to think about it.

I use it to save up for holidays!

4. A Good Movie To Watch

via agoodmovietowatch.com

If you spend all your time trying to decide what movie to watch next on Netflix, rather than actually watching the movie, than this website is perfect for you!

5. Two Foods

via dig.do


This website allows you to compare two different types of food, compare calories, carbs, fat and protein so you can make the right (or wrong) choice for your waistline!

6. Zero Dollar Movies

via nabava.net

Finds all the free full length movies online – so you don’t get into trouble for pirating! (But let’s face it – we all do it…)

7. Snopes

Find out where the origin of that fairytale came from, or if fingernails keep growing after you die.  All sorts of weird and wonderful stuff you want to know about.

8. PicMonkey

A terrific free image editing tool – perfect for the beginner, and super easy to use (I use it myself).  Totes free!

9. Short Reckonings

A great website that helps you keep track of shared expenses.  Very simple to use with only a few clicks to get started.

10. Privnote

Need to send a sneaky note? Use this and hide your identity in confidence.

11. Instructables

Need to learn how to build or make something from scratch?  This website will show you how to do it!

12. Join Me

Need to share screens with someone to show them something, or teach them something, than this is the website for you.  It is a simple tool that can be used by anyone on the web.

13. Sync.In

If you work online and need to collaborate on the same product, than Sync.in will allow you to edit documents and notes in real time.

14. My Fitness Pal

Counting calories? Want to know how many calories you burnt in a workout?  Then my Fitness Pal is for you.  Measure your steps, and set fitness goals!

15. Dictation.io

This is an online dictation website, once set up, you can just talk to your computer, and it will type away for you!

16. Fiverr

Pay anyone $5 to do just about anything.  Sing a jingle, get a logo drawn up, write an article – anything.

17. Runpee

Don’t you hate it when you go to a cinema, and need to pee half way through.  You come back and totally miss the plot of the whole movie.  Not with ‘Run Pee’.  It will tell you the best time during the movie to go tinkle – without missing much!

18. Now I Know


Now I Know emails you an interesting story every day, keeping your brain sharp and a great way to kill it at trivia!

19. Lumosity

Has some really fun brain training games to really test your mettle.  Of course if you upgrade it will be more personalised, but the free version is still really good!

20. IMDB


Or ‘Internet Data Base’ – tells you how good/bad a movie is, who is in it, what they have done in the past.  Watch a trailer, see what tv series are coming up. If you are a movie buff, you could spend hours around this website! Guaranteed to waste hundreds of hours per year!

21. BOM.gov.au

The website for the Bureau of Meteorology, see if rain or bad weather is coming near your area, live.  See any weather warnings and check out the radar!

22. Dropbox

Keep all your important documents, photos and files – free in the ‘cloud’.  Dropbox is really easy to use and you can set it up so that everything saves to Dropbox automatically.  By not saving things to your own computer, you aren’t wasting space, and keep your computer fast all the time!

23. Freecycle.org


A network of people, giving away things for free!

24. Academic Earth.org

See pre-recorded lectures on any subject you could possibly think of – all in one place!

25. Wikipedia.org

The original online encyclopedia!  Available in most languages, on any topic!

26. Mayo Clinic.org

Looking for health information that is correct, up to date and from a reliable source, this website is for you!

27. Fat Fingers.com

Find Ebay listings that have been typed incorrectly, and score yourself a bargain!

28. Urban Dictionary.com

Find out the meanings of slang words.  Just don’t use it to find out what a ‘Waffle Stomp’ is.

29. Stranger Meetup.com

Okay – so if you are totally bored and want to talk to (what could be) a total lunatic – then do it through this site!

30. Can I Stream.it

Find where you can illegally download any movie you love. It will find the websites that have it available for you! Not that we advocate that sort of thing….more for if you are just curious.

31. Drinkify.org

Like drinking white wine with fish, Drinkify will tell you what to drink, to the kind of music are you in to!

32. ScribbleMaps

49 Most Useful Websites on the Web | Stay at Home Mum

If you use Google Maps often and want to ‘personalise it’ by adding where you have been and what you think, this is for you!

33. Bitly.com

Bitly will shorten your URL.  You just paste in the URL you want shortened, and bitly will make it much more internet friendly!

34. Speedtest.net

See how fast your internet is – right where you are, instantly.

35. Boundless

Sick of buying super expensive textbooks for school or university?  Never buy one again – they are all on Boundless, and all are free!

36. Random.org


Pick some random lotto numbers or pick a number between 0 and 1,000,000.

37. Home Styler


Design your perfect home online!  Teacher you step by step how to use it too!

38. Fake a Name Generator

Need to disappear and find a new identify? Just want to be someone else for a day? Let this website design the new you.

39. Polish My Writing

Before you hand in your assignment, run it through Polish My Writing.  It will spell check, check for grammar errors and will make you a better writer overall.

40. Recipe Roulette

Finds a recipe randomly from the millions of food websites from around the web.

41. Gnoosic

Find Spotify and SoundCloud too hard to use?  Gnoosic lets you choose three of your favourite bands – and it will do the rest for you!

42. Duolingo

Want to learn a new language but don’t have the cash to pay a tutor?  You don’t have to – Duolingo lets you play simple games that encourage you to learn any language you choose – all for free.

43. What Should I Read Next

Stuck for a new book to read?  This site helps narrow down what you like and don’t like to choose the perfect book for you!

44. My Fridge Food

Got a fridge full of food, but nothing to eat but ingredients?  My Fridge Food puts together some simple, easy to make meals with what you already have.

45. Hotel Wifi Test

Travelling overseas and not sure what the internet will be like?  This website will tell you how good the wifi is!

What other cool helpful websites do you know?

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