Boost Mobile Prepaid Sim: A First-Time User’s Review

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Boost Mobile Prepaid Sim: A First-Time User’s Review

Spoiler alert: I highly recommend it!

Reviewing a Boost Mobile prepaid plan in 2023 almost feels weird to me, as my last prepaid service was when text messages cost a hefty 50c each and could swiftly deplete your credit in the blink of an eye. If this sounds foreign to you, then we come from different times, my friend.

Boost Mobile has been a prominent player in the telecom industry primarily renowned for its SIM cards.

In July 2019, they expanded their product range to include refurbished phones, iPads, and smartwatches. These refurbished items are available at an affordable price, often hovering around half of the recommended retail price – which is a real bargain.

When I took over Stay at Home Mum, a question that kept coming up was ‘What is your business phone number?’

Also, I needed to incorporate a phone number into my email signature.

The thought of adding my personal phone number made me want to vomit, as most people my age will agree (millennials are you with me). Taking phone calls is on my list of Top 5 Things I Hate To Do, unless it’s work-related. So, I needed a separate number for business phone calls.

I put my big girl pants on and looked for a solution, and that’s why we are talking about Boost Mobile pre-paid Sim right now.

My Experience With Boost Mobile

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In this review, I’ll delve into my Boost Mobile experience, covering the process of buying a SIM card, selecting a plan, setting up the SIM and the accompanying app, as well as exploring the service and reception quality offered by Boost Mobile plans.

I had an old phone laying around that still worked, this is what I used for the new sim.  The actual process of getting a new sim card and new phone number was really really easy. The steps:

Buying the simcard + choosing the plan

Boost Mobile offers great convenience in obtaining a SIM card, which can be acquired both online and in physical stores. You can find these SIM cards at a myriad of locations across Australia, with 9000 stores stocking them.

These stores aren’t limited to just phone shops; you can buy Boost Mobile SIM cards at Post Offices, Woolworths, Coles, Caltex, Kmart, JB Hi-Fi, BP, Ampol, and Big W – making them highly accessible.

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Despite this convenience, I opted to order mine online mainly because their website had two of my most favourite words: FREE SHIPPING.

They offered free shipping on all plans.

Scouring through the plans on the website, I decided on their basic package, which offered all the features I required for a business phone.. Also it was on sale for the first month at just $12 instead of the usual $35! 

They do have a really great range to be picked from, which I honestly think would suit the majority of households and age ranges.

Boost Mobile offers diverse range of plans, catering to a wide spectrum of households and age groups. You can choose from weekly, monthly, or annual plans, and they even offer 3, 7, and 14-day plans for roaming – a clever solution to avoid sneaky international costs that you can accidentally rack up while on holidays.

If you’re already a Boost customer, you can purchase a roaming package that integrates seamlessly with your existing plan through the app.

As I was selecting my basic package plan, I found the wording on the website slightly confusing. While it was advertised as having no lock-in plans, it also detailed the charges for the next three months.

However, rest assured that you’re not bound to a contract, as clearly indicated on the website. It’s simply providing a heads up. In the next steps you also need to choose whether you’d like to be manually charged monthly or set and forget by automatic direct debit.

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If you choose the later you will need to provide your bank details – which is what I chose.

The sim card arrived within 4 business days.

2. Setting up the simcard + App 

The SIM card arrived in the mail, accompanied by a SIM and a handy SIM ejector tool.

Upon opening the package, you’ll find three easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to activate, insert, and manage your service.

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All you need is an ID to verify; I used my driver’s licence, and the verification process went smoothly. The entire setup took me about 20 minutes, but yours could go faster as I tend to be a bit slow.

When activating your SIM, you’ll be prompted to decide whether you want to keep your existing number or create a new one. This feature actually impressed me a lot. It’s shocking to me that you can keep your number, this is a huge thumbs up for Boost mobile. How often do mobile providers hold your old number hostage?

In my case, I opted for a new number for my business, which was the whole point of getting the new SIM. After selecting the ‘new number’ option, I was all set. An activation email was sent to me, and that’s it.

Honestly, it was incredibly easy. Setting up phones can sometimes be tricky, but this process was remarkably straightforward. While there was a disclaimer stating that it might take up to 4 hours for the new number to fully function, this wasn’t the case for me; it worked immediately.

In the activation email, there was a link to the My Boost Mobile app, which is free to download.

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This app links your new phone service and provides access to your data statistics, allowing you to manage your payment settings and recharges.

Navigation is user-friendly, and it clearly displays your remaining minutes, data, and the time until your next recharge is due.

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Boost Mobile data roll over can go from month to month. 

Service/ Phone Reception 

Let’s talk about the service and phone reception. We currently live in a newly developed area, with TERRIBLE reception, notoriously patchy. My calls are always cutting in and out.

I’m delighted to report that this isn’t the case with the Boost phone.

My previous phone plan wasn’t with Telstra, a provider renowned for its stellar reception. Boost operates on the full Telstra mobile network (with access to 4G & 5G), covering 99.4% of the population and encompassing 2.6 million square kilometres – a million more than any other mobile network – and delivers some of the fastest speeds available.

By getting a plan with Boost Mobile it’s like having Telstra for a fraction of the cost, huge win!

To find out its capabilities, I put the Boost Mobile through a test. I had a radio interview, and the reception was flawless, with no disruptions.

I also took a drive to the hinterland and back, to my parents house which is a little in the bushes, and the phone maintained a steady connection, even in rural areas.

I took the work the phone to Sydney, when I had a business weekend away and used the train systems. The phone stayed in 4G underground in the train system, no issues with use.

My final thoughts

I wish I had known about Boost Mobile six months ago when my old phone was on its deathbed. I could have saved a significant amount of money with a Boost Mobile prepaid plan.

I’m genuinely surprised at how easy the setup, activation, and management of this service are.

Given the financial constraints many families are facing today, opting for a prepaid package offers a practical way to save money.

This is an ideal solution for teenagers, grandparents, and individuals like me who don’t upgrade their phones every year. I typically keep a phone for 3-4 years, pay it off in 2 years, and then only incurring the cost of the phone service, which I can do with Boost Mobile.

Comparable Prices October 2023

Boost Mobile$2 in storeSim price included when purchasing online$35 50GB $45 65GB$230 170GB$300 260GB$365 365 GB
TPGCan only purchase online, included in plan$15 45GB $20 60GB*no 12 month plans *can keep your number* no lock in contract 
Aussie Broadband Can only purchase online, included in plan$35 30GB $55 60GB*no 12 month plans*keep your number *no lock in contract
DodoCan purchase in store Dodo connect and online $35 45GB $25 50GB*no 12 month plans *have to change phone number*no lock in contract 

All of the plans I looked at for Sim only started at a certain price and then increased after a few months, usually after 3 recharges, but they are all different. 

I didn’t have to use it, but I also wondered about a few important factors, which might be helpful to many: they have support 7 days a week on their website, from 7am – 11pm you can chat to someone on their website, or via FB messenger. This is my favourite way to liaise with companies now if I have an issue and need support.

As I already mentioned earlier, I highly recommend getting a Boost Mobile sim. It’s my first time getting a sim from Boost and my experience has been nothing short of impressive. From the hassle-free setup process to the extensive coverage on the Telstra network, it’s a service that genuinely caters to the needs of a diverse range of users.

The flexibility of their plans, the ability to keep your old number, and their responsive customer support make Boost Mobile a top-notch choice. If you’re seeking a cost-effective and user-friendly mobile service that delivers excellent reception, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Boost Mobile a try.

As we journey through a world of ever-changing technology and communication needs, it’s reassuring to know that there are options like Boost Mobile that not only adapt to the times but also provide a seamless and affordable mobile experience. It is such a smart choice for those who value simplicity, reliability, and savings.

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