25 Amazing Cakes for Teenage Boys

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Teenage boys would normally refuse to celebrate their birthdays with the ultimate symbol of childhood: a cake.

However, with these cakes, I’m sure your young men would want to eat cake every single day! Mums, here are 25 amazing cakes for teenage boys. Go crazy!


1. Shark attack for the marine-obsessed man!

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2. Perfect for the thrill-seeking teenager (and for your Halloween parties, too!)

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3. If you can’t give them pizza, give them pizza cake!

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4. This is the perfect cake for your budding athlete.

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5. If he’s asking for a new phone, give him this instead!

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6. Is your teenager into Nikes? Nothing’s better than this!

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7. If he likes Ninja Turtles, Michelangelo will save the day.

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8. Or what about a plain, charming one to send the message?

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