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There are a lot of good practices you should use when it comes to passwords.

Not only should it be lengthy, it should be complicated. It must not be connected to any of your personal details like your birthday. Never use the same password twice. The list goes on and on! But did you know that you should change your password regularly, too?

I change mine every 2-3 months for good measure. However, the problem is that I have trouble keeping track of them! Well, I used to have that problem. I don’t have trouble keeping track of my passwords anymore because I now use an awesome password tracker!

If you can’t keep track of your passwords (and remember, you must keep changing them!), you should use our password tracker, too. Don’t worry; it’s completely free and you can print as many copies as you need.

Just remember to put them in a safe place that strangers cannot access!

Password Tracker | Stay At Home Mum

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