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10 Sweet and Savoury Breakfasts You Can Make OvernightBecause you want a decent breakfast if you are going to eat one!

How many times have you had eggs and toast this week?

Or greasy bacon? Or cold milk and cereal? Hey, not judging! Look, I feel you. We’re doing so many things in the morning — get the kids ready for school, make sure they brush their teeth and have the correct pair of socks on, make sure they’re wearing underwear, and then make sure they don’t leave their homework behind, and then you’ll have to take care of yourself and get yourself ready. So, really, who has the time to prepare a proper healthy breakfast?

But has it ever occurred to you to make breakfasts ahead of time? Like the night before or even the weekend before? Yes, and they’re really delicious and healthy to boot. And they’re so easy to make, even kids can prepare them. Say goodbye to bland and hurried breakfasts because we give you 10 lovely breakfasts you can make overnight!

Let’s start with…

Sweet Make-Ahead Breakfasts

1. Peanut Butter Refrigerator Porridge

Breakfasts You Can Make Overnight | Stay At Home Mum

Probably the most popular overnight recipe there is, this is a hit with the young working crowd because it is so easy to make and it is full of healthy ingredients like rolled oats and chia seeds.

Get the recipe here.

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