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Slow Cooker Recipes — Hold The TomatoesWhat other options are staples in your house?

7. Roast


You can cook a whole roast in a crock-pot during the day, make delicious mashed potato and other veges when you get home, finish a gravy and set it on the table. Or prep the roast on Sunday morning, have a lovely day with the family and still have a roast Sunday lunch. Turkey in particular roasts well in the crock-pot, as does boned lamb, chicken roll, kangaroo or pork.

8. Vegetables and sides


You’d be amazed at the sides and vegetables that can be created in the crock-pot so don’t limit yourself to main meals. A pilaf, potato bake, pasta, noodles, risotto or a braised root salad would suit a quickly-made main and can cook during the day, halving or more the cooking work for the evening.

9. Dessert


Apples cook well in the crock-pot – stuff them with coconut, sugar, nuts and dried fruit before cooking with a cream and honey sauce. Self-saucing puddings, rice pudding with baked fruit, poached fruits such as pears, figs or quince, lemon delicious, cobbler, bread and butter pudding, clafoutis – all can be adapted to the crock-pot with surprising deliciousness.

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 Do you have a secret recipe you’d love to share, or a fabulous family favourite to share?

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