Covid-19: Forget Toilet Paper, People are Panic Buying Sex Toys

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Covid-19: Forget Toilet Paper, People are Panic Buying Sex Toys

With the entire world in the middle of a massive quarantine period, it isn’t just toilet paper, pasta and rice being ripped from the shelves and stockpiled for a rainy day.  Sex Toy Shops Online have reported an unprecedented rise in online sales with couples thinking ahead to sexy time during lockdown at home.

Reports by Global brand, ‘Womanizer’ note that global sales are going through the roof particularly in Italy, the United States and Canada as the public are preparing themselves for self-isolation.  The company have noted that global demand is 50% higher than average with Canadians the randiest of the bunch with a 135% increase in sex toy sales.

The top products being snapped up in the adult industry include:

Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer, Johanna Rief reported that:

‘The We-Vibe Chorus is already low in stock as people have shown an increased interest during this time due to the fact that the We-Connect App allows partners to control vibrations remotely, or for couples who are in work from home conditions together.’

Luckily all the major online retailers here in Australia have ‘risen’ to the demand with plenty of stock available to horny singles or randy couples who might run out of tv shows to watch on Netflix.

Another item that has been ripped off Australian Supermarket shelves is the humble condom with many people using them for alternative uses such as:

  • Putting on their fingers to press buttons on lifts and for traffic buttons
  • Protecting your phone from dirty fingers
  • Placing over your hand to retrieve items from the bottom of the toilet
  • Makeshift waterproof socks

So the adult stores are the perfect places to get your condoms delivered to your door.

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Adult Toy Megastore

Adult Toy Megastore are having a 65% off sale sitewide.  The most popular products being bought at the moment include:

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation  Uberlube Luxury Lubricant 50mlSatisfyer Men Heat Vibration Masturbator

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Wild Secrets

Wild Secrets are having a 70% off sale!

Current Promotions:

We have a list of the Top 10 Online Adult Shops in Australia

Just another fun activity to add to your list of things to do during a Global Pandemic.


Covid-19: Forget Toilet Paper, People are Panic Buying Sex Toys | Stay At Home Mum

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