Fifty Shades of Grey GoodsProvocative products to pique your pleasure… Or your plate.

E.L James has a lot to answer for. The Fifty Shades franchise has exploded onto the scene with more raunch than Robin Thicke, rendering many women hot under the collar and hungry for some heavy petting.

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Her erotic empire has amassed a collection of merchandise that would make any avid collector’s room groan with gorging excitement. While many Fifty Shades of Grey provocative products are not directly endorsed by E.L James, it doesn’t make them any less lascivious.

Scroll on to find some Fifty Shades of Grey goods that just might pique your interest..

Fifty Shades of Chicken

Ber-kerk. 50 chicken recipes bound to be delicious with such recipes as dripping thighs, erect chicken and chicken with a lard-on. Finger lickin’ good.

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