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Gympie Mum Dani Reviews the ALDI Baby Brand, Mamia

Now I’ve been a big fan of ALDI for a very long time.  When I had to live on $50/week – it was truly a life saver.  And even now – I still do my fortnightly shop there – and it’s brilliant. But apart from the Mamia Nappies, I’ve never bought baby stuff from ALDI before.

Our friends at ALDI asked us to roadtest some Mamia products….and because I don’t have babies in nappies anymore (thank goodness for that!), luckily I have loads of friends who volunteered to try the ALDI Baby Brand Mamia to see what they really thought – warts and all.

Dani is a fellow Mum from Gympie.  She can sing like an angel, cook like a demon, and has a gorgeous seven month old baby girl called Bella.  Dani, like most of us Mums, is living on a budget.

Here are her honest reviews of the Mamia range of baby products from ALDI.

dani and bub

Dani & Bella

Mamia Baby Wipes 80pk Fragrance Free

Price: $1.89

What ALDI Says: Our baby wipes are dermatologically tested, alcohol free, are suitable for use on sensitive skin and our wipes won the Australian Mother & Baby Magazine 2016 Award. They are also rated as Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers.

mamia baby wipes | Stay at Home Mum

Mamia Scented Wipes | Stay at Home Mum

What Dani Says:

“I was happy with these – they seemed to be gentle enough for my baby’s skin.  They weren’t too wet – some wipes are ridiculously moist that they drip or slip out of your fingers when in use.  The plastic lid is good, I did struggle to open the side of my thumb at times as the lip to open is not very generous, but it seals quite well and keeps the wipes from drying out.  I am happy to continue using these.”

Range includes:

  • Mamia 80pk Baby Wipes Scented $1.89
  • Mamia 80pk Baby Wipes Fragrance Free $1.89
  • Mamia Premium Baby Wipes Scented 240 pk $7.69
  • Mamia Premium Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 240 pk $7.69

Mamia Supafit Crawler 6 – 11kg 56pk

What ALDI Says:  Designed to suit each stage of your baby’s development, Mamia Superfit Nappies feature greater flexibility and an even better fit with stretchy Comfy Flex sides.

What Dani Says:

“I was really happy with the length of the Supafit – they are quite high in the front and back and very thin when on bub (no bulky-bum!).  Being so thin and ‘supafit’ might be why they smell quite quickly. The fit was surprisingly good – provided you are happy to change wet nappies pretty much straight away.

I noticed that leaving the Supafit wet nappy for too long might cause irritation, so make sure to keep that in mind!

But at 20c per nappy, I was really happy to change her a bit more often.”

Range includes:

  • Mamia Newborn Unisex Nappies up to 5kg 28pk $4.29
  • Mamia Infant Unisex Nappies 4 – 8kg 60pk $10.99
  • Mamia Toddler Unisex Nappies 10-15kg 50pk $10.99
  • Mamia Crawler Unisex Nappies  6-11kg 56pk $10.99
  • Mamia Walker Unisex Nappies 13 – 18kg 48pk $10.99
  • Mamia Junior Unisex Nappies 15-25kg 44pk $10.99
  • Mamia Supafit Nappy Pants 23pk – Walker $9.99
  • Mamia Supafit Nappy Pants 21pk – Junior $9.99

Mamia Organic Baby Fruit 4 Months+ (120g)

Price $0.99c

What ALDI Says:  Certified Organic smooth fruit puree that has no artificial colours or flavours, no added cane sugar, no preservatives, no additives, gluten free, no added salt or sodium, no added gm ingredients or juice.

Range include:

  • Apple
  • Apple, Pear and Cinnamon
  • Pear, Banana and Mango
  • Pear, Apple and Berries

Mamia Premium Baby Food 6+ Months 120g

Price $0.99c

Range includes:

  • Vegetable and Lamb Polenta
  • Apricot Chicken Puree
  • Winter Vegetable and Beef

aldi mamia baby food dinners

What Dani Says:

“The concept of this product is perfect for when you are on the go and busy. The pouches are extremely convenient! I noticed that the Organic Fruit 4 Months + Purees seemed quite runny and I would prefer it if the 6 Months+ Puree’s had a little more texture.

Ultimately, I’d put some in my handbag and in the car because it’s great for distracting the kids when they start to whine.”




All together I was very impressed with the prices of Mamia products at ALDI.  All the products were incredibly cheap, especially the disposable type items like nappies and wipes.  They might not be fancy, but they do the job and offer a good and cheap alternative to other brands.   

I’ve already stocked up on enough nappies and wipes to last me until the end of January.                xx Dani & Bella


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