The Ultimate Essential Pantry Staples Shopping ListWhat to stock in your pantry!

No matter how much the kids whinge that there is “nothing in the cupboard,” if you have these pantry staples on hand, you and your family will never go hungry!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a fully stocked pantry. For starters, you can’t effectively meal plan with a sparse cupboard. We all know that bulk buying is a crucial aspect of meal planning and frugal living because it helps you save money. On the other hand, running to the grocery store each time you realise you lack something only causes you to spend more. First, you consume gasoline, and second, you’re more likely to buy more unnecessary things (and junk food — gasp!). These could have been avoided if you bought your groceries in bulk with a complete pantry essentials list in hand.

No list? Worry not because we already made a pretty one just for you. Download and print to your heart’s content!

The Ultimate Essential Pantry Staples List | Stay At Home Mum

Click here to download and print!


Have we forgotten anything? What’s the one thing you must have in your pantry?

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