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100+ Websites That Will Pay You To Write Articles

100+ Websites That Will Pay You To Write Articles

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100+ Websites That Will Pay You To Write Articles

100+ Websites That Will Pay You To Write Articles

All Mums love the idea of being able to work from home, with your own hours that fit in with your family life.  And there are a lot of articles about finding work online by writing – but where do you go for actual paid work?  Well we here at Stay at Home Mum have done the research for you and found 100 websites that will pay you to write articles.  No dodgy scams, just the real deal.


Tips for Getting Your Article Accepted

Ensure you read through all of their rules and stipulations BEFORE submitting an article.  As an Editor myself, nothing makes me madder than receiving an article that does not meet the brief that I have diligently written out. Stick to the topics, word count and other specifications that have been asked for, and don’t forget to include a bio for yourself including a picture.

So remember:

  • Specified Word Count
  • Stick to Topics Requested
  • Ensure it hasn’t already been covered on the website you are writing for
  • Stick to your strengths – write the topics you most enjoy!
  • Spell and Grammar check your work
  • Read the submission guide carefully!

Not an Article Writer? No Worries

Websites are not just looking for articles.  Many are looking for other things such as:

  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Essays
  • Interviews
  • Vlogs

So choose your strength and then find the websites that will accept your material.

You Got Knocked Back? What To Do Next

If you got knocked back on your first few goes, don’t give up!  Concentrate on your writing skills and check that you have followed the instructions to the letter!  Remember, what one website may knock back, another will accept you – so apply to many!

Here are the categories we have lists of – just click on the category for the list!


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