15 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife

15 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife or Girlfriend

So, Valentine’s Day! Gone are the days of flowers and chocolates! There are so many unique, romantic and thoughtful gifts out there that will show your partner, wife or girlfriend how much you love them!

Whether it’s a beautiful piece of jewellery, personalised prints or other unique gifts. There are so many different options out there now.

Here are 15 of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for women.

Glass Teardrop Necklace

Price: $38.53

This stunningly beautiful handmade piece of jewellery will make her jaw drop. It’s made of hand blown glass that is filled with real dandelion seeds. This necklace comes with a bronze bead cap and bronze necklace. It’s so unique and dainty, it’s a piece of jewellery that can be treasured for a long time. Read More > 

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Lavender 100% Flax Linen Bedding Set 

Price: $230.00 – $340.00 

Spoil her some amazingly high-quality linen sheets? These sheets will last a lifetime and get softer and softer the more you use them! They are definitely worth the money! Read More > 

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Swarovski Lifelong Bow Bangle 

Price: $118.10 + $8.02 Delivery

Why not gift her a life long gift? This beautiful bangle has a stunning bow that has Swarovski crystals with a rose-gold tone. This beautiful piece of jewellery is of high quality and is designed to last. It’s presented in a luxurious Swarovski Bracelet Box. Read More >


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Under These Stars Custom Star Map 

Price: $32.18 

This one is really quite romantic and sentimental. These custom star maps can be made from a specific location that is significant for you both as a couple, such as where you first met or where you first kissed. It’s a gift that is unique and personal for you both. Read More > 


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Infinity Necklace 

Price: $56.99 + $7.68 Delivery

This beautiful necklace is so nicely presented with a romantic poem. The necklace is made of sterling silver and features a beautiful love heart pendant with infinity rings around it. Read More >

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Personalised Album Cover 

Price: $24.99

When you gift something that’s personalised, it shows how you can be really thoughtful and also romantic! Win! This one is quite cool! You can personalise either a significant photo and moment in your life or a special song that is significant to you both. It’s printed on acrylic-glass with machine cut high-quality images. Read More > 

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If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow

Price: $25.87 

Do you and your partner often spend time apart for work or other reasons? Gift this cute pillowcase as a way to bring a smile to their face when they are missing you! Read More > 

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Love Coupons

Price: $16.36 

These are a really fun gift! It includes 27 redeem for one coupon and are perfectly customisable. Make them practical or cheeky, whatever you like! Read More > 

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Young Couple Willow Tree Figurine 

Price: $64.90

The Willow Tree figurines are lovely and make a great decoration to look back on. There are so many different designs that can help mark important times in your lives as a couple including marriage and kids. It’s a great sentimental gift. Read More >

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OOZOO White Glitter With Rose Gold Watch

Price: $149.00

Make this watch more sentimental as a gift by getting it engraved with a special message on the back! This beautifully put together watch features rose gold casing with a white glitter face. It comes with a 1-year warranty and splashes resistance. Read More > 

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I Loved You Then I Love You Still Always Have Always Will

Price: $74.00 

This wooden sign is great for any lady who loves to decorate her home! It’s made with high-quality wood and has vinyl lettering painted on. These signs are also customisable, so if you have something special you would like to say, you can do it! Read More > 

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Personalised Light Box 

Price: $53.51

These personalised wooden light boxes are unique and make for a great gift if you and your partner are away from each other frequently. Each side is customisable, and all you have to do is light a candle inside to see the romantic message left behind! Read More > 

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Personalised Leather Passport & Luggage Tag Set 

Price: $89.00

While you may not be able to do much travelling right now, it’s the perfect time to make sure you have everything ready to go for when you can. This personalised passport is modern and luxurious and the tag set comes in a variety of different colours of high-quality leather. Read More > 

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Light Up Rose In Glass Dome 

Price: $57.99

This really gives off some serious Beauty and the Beast vibes. This beautifully crafted rose has LED lights which makes it a great decoration to help set the mood! Read More >

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Pendant Necklace 

Price: $53.63 

This beautiful pendant comes in a box with a lovely romantic message, perfect for the queen in your life! The pendant is coated with 14K White Gold. It’s simple and elegant, so can be worn for any occasion. Read More > 

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There you have it the 15 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife or Girlfriend. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! 

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