How To Start A Party Planning Business

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How To Start A Party Planning Business

Party planning is the new must-have in the modern age. And with social media on the rise, celebrating in style doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon.

This means that there are even more opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch small businesses into this high-demand market. For many stay at home mums who are interested in getting into business and contributing to their households, party planning is a smart idea. With flexible hours, party planning provides an opportunity to flex your creative side and business acumen all at once.

So, here’s how you get started.

Think About Your Style

One of the biggest things that is going to set you apart from your competition as a party planner will be your individual style. Now obviously, your clients may come into your business relationship with a very good idea of what they want for their party. Or they might come to you because they love what they’ve seen of your work, and they think it matches their event. In either case, it is important to have a good idea of your personal style, so you can showcase it and stay true to it.

How to Start a Party Planning Business | Stay At Home Mum

Lay The Foundations

If your party planning business takes off, you might end up being very busy. That is why it is important to get organised right from the beginning. As a party planner, you’ll need to have water-tight contracts, financial practices and organisation to help you keep on top, and safe from issues. Having these things in place from the beginning is a lifesaver, and starting good habits is essential for a strong business.

Know Your Market

There are many reasons a person might need a party planner, and within that there are different markets looking for party planning services. Knowing your market, which is a part of knowing your style, is essentially to get started. Think about the people you want to work with, the kind of money you want to make, and the kind of events you want to be involved in, and go from there.

How to Start a Party Planning Business | Stay At Home Mum

Network With Suppliers

Once you have a good idea of your style and your market, it’s time to get out there and network with suppliers. A party or event is made up of a number of different puzzle pieces, and many of these are supplied by different business. Depending on your style, you might want to get in touch with a florist, a caterer, a decorator, a printing company, a paper specialist (for decorations), a photographer and more.

Get Yourself Out There

With a good idea of your business, it is now time to get out and advertise your services. Obviously, this is harder before you’ve got the experience backing you up. But stay true to your style, and market yourself as a creative and organised person ready to impress with your skills. Once you get a job, remember to collect lots of photographic evidence for your portfolio, as well as testimonials from your clients. Bring it all together to create a presence for yourself, either online, in print, or both.

Take Advantage Of Online Markets

In an online market, business owners can reach large numbers of people for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. But, you’ll need to know how to use the tools available to you in order to take the most advantage of them. Do yourself a favour and get acquainted with both Facebook and Instagram as a minimum. As you get more established you should also think about putting together a website. All of these things create a persona for you and your business, almost like an online first impression for your clients.

Stay Strong With Friends

One of the hardest things about starting a party planning business is dealing with friends and relatives. It is easy to slip into a habit of ‘doing favours’ for friends and family by planning their events for them. You’ll need to make up your own mind about how much you want to do this. But remember, although the free jobs can be good for your portfolio, party planning is hard work and every free event you’re doing is time you might have spend advertising, or undertaking a paid gig.

Let Your Creative Side Out

The important thing to remember throughout the entire process of starting a business, particularly a party planning one, is that creativity is key. You have a head full of great ideas, all of which are just waiting to come out and shine at someone’s event. Don’t censor your creative side too much as you go along, or let it become too heavily influenced by other people. Remember that not everyone, including your clients, is going to agree with you, but that doesn’t mean they need to change how you think, or how you act.

How to Start a Party Planning Business | Stay At Home Mum

Have you ever worked as a party planner? What tips would you give to someone starting out?

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