Okay Boomer! Phrases We Are Tired of Hearing from Older Generations

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Okay Boomer! Phrases We Are Tired of Hearing from Older Generations

I might be a Generation X, but I truly feel sorry for Millennials. They cop a flogging from the Boomer Generation who just don’t understand what the world is like for them right now.

And as the meat in a ‘Generational Sandwich’ – I get it from both sides. But the world is totally screwed at the moment – and I’m ashamed to say both my generation and that of Boomers, well, we were meant to make the world better for the next generation. And we have royally fucked up on that.

Not many Millennials will be able to buy their own home. Ever. They don’t have job security, they spend all their money paying back loans because everything is so freaking expensive.

So if you are a Boomer – please stop saying these phrases, because you are just sticking the knife into our younger generations and twisting the knife.

You have no idea what the world is like for this generation.

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“No one wants to work anymore.”

We want to work. Just not for minimum wages that won’t even pay our rent!

“Your generation is too sensitive. You weren’t taught what hard work was.”

We can work just as hard as you did. That may not mean out in a field digging, but it’s still hard work.

“Stop eating avocado on toast and save for a house!”

We will never have enough for the deposit on a house, so let us enjoy some sort of luxury that we can afford!

“When I was your age, I already had a house and family”

Well, house prices were a 10th of what they are now.

“Why are you still renting?”

Because we can’t afford to purchase a house!

“All these ridiculous pro-nouns. Boys being girls and girls being boys. Back in my day…”

Well, times have changed – as they should! If using pro-nouns means a more inclusive society – then that’s creating a better future.

“I never went to therapy and I grew up just fine.”

Perhaps that’s the problem.

“Bloody Millennials have no job loyalty. They just go from job to job!”

Because bosses and companies no longer value loyalty. Why should we bust our gut working slave labour for a company that doesn’t give a shit about us!

The Millennials have killed ‘The Customer is Always Right’

Because the customer is quite often – wrong!

“If I had to suffer, then so do you, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to me!”

Fuck off mate.

“Go to University or you’ll end up working for McDonalds.”

AND when you can’t find a job with the degree you have finished and you are out of work – they will say:

“What? Are you too good to work at McDonalds?”


“Kids nowadays don’t really have mental health issues, they’re just spoiled”

You taught us to hide our feelings.

“This is how it has always been, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

We can do it better now.

“This is a generation of entitlement.”

No we think you were the generation of entitlement. Look at you now!

“I lived without it. So can you.”

We need phones. They aren’t a luxury – they are a necessity. How can my boss get a hold of me or how would I even be taken seriously without a phone?

“You kids have it so easy nowadays.”

No, we don’t.

“You’ll never get a job with those tattoos.”

Watch me!

“Kids these days don’t know anything!”

We have Youtube motherfucker. We know EVERYTHING!

“I gave you a life, a roof over your head, an education, food and clothes, you owe me!”

We don’t owe you anything.

“You have never had to work for anything. Anything you have was given to you.”

By whom? Not you!

“Go get a job!”

It isn’t that easy!

“You play too many video games.”

At least video games are affordable fun and a great way to spend time with friends without leaving home.

“You kids are just on your phones all day!”

Because that’s where we read the news, talk to friends, and work!

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