Choosing the Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Choosing the Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac Sign

Cats have multiple, complicated personalities…

They can be right A-Holes, or a Floppy Family Friend….

Cats are perfect as furry best friends. They spoil their human friends with lots of affection and cuddles. And even though some are more independent than others, they all love their human friends (well, sometimes). However, which is the best cat breed for you, according to your zodiac sign?

Here we are going to explore which cat breed is perfect for you according to your zodiac.  Can the stars really pair you up with your perfect furry match?

Let’s see!

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Aries – Australian Mist Cat

People born under this zodiac sign are known to be incredibly enthusiastic, full of energy, and possibly one of the most courageous of all zodiacs. Aries can’t stay quiet for too long as they are driven by the need of exploring and always being in a movie. They are fearless people with a love for adventure, so what better match with a companion such as the Australian Mist Cat?

Just like Aries, the Australian Mist Cats are go-getters. They do not wait for things to be handed to them; they are hunters by nature and love the outdoors. Someone born with the Aries zodiac sign is a natural leader and is not shy in taking the initiative. Australian Mist Cats are soft, calm and playful and love to live with other animals – they even get along well with dogs!  They also have a sweet personality and love to have fun with you.

Aries and the Australian Mist Cat both live life to the fullest, and as buddies, they will bring the best of each other.

About Australian Mist Cats:

  • Medium Sized Cat (4-7kg)
  • Long life span
  • Short-haired cat (minimum grooming required)
  • Excellent with children

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Australian Mist

Image Credit: Pets

Taurus – Persian Chinchilla Cat

People born under the Taurus zodiac are loyal and extremely friendly towards their friends. When their friends are in need, a Taurus will be the first one to be there. Taurus people are naturally cautious when meeting new people or adjusting to a unique situation. You can say that they tend to be introverted, but that is mainly because they are affectionate and tend to get scared to get hurt. They also have no problem working hard if that gets them what they want!

The best cat breed, according to the zodiac for a Taurus, is the Persian cat, specifically a Persian Chinchilla. Persian Chinchilla cats are affectionate, and when they see that their human friend is sad, they will be there to make you feel better. Extremely affections, even with a high temperament, just like a Taurus. Like a Taurus, the Persian Chinchilla cat loves to be self-efficient and have their alone time, but they both make time for the ones they love.

Persian Chinchilla Cats came about when breeders wanted a silver version of a traditional Persian cat. They have many Persian features, but are a bit ‘softer’ and have green or blue eyes.  The Persian Chinchilla Cat is an ‘inside cat’ and they do love having a friend to play with during the day (cough cough, an excuse to buy TWO Persian Chinchilla Cats!).

About Persian Chinchilla Cats:

  • Large Sized Cat (3.5kg – 5.5kg)
  • Heavy Shedders (Need lots of grooming)
  • Long life span (12 – 15 years)
  • Inside Cat
  • Not great with small children

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The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Gemini – The Siamese Cat

Geminis are not the type of people who can stay still for long; they are always up to something. They are also great at multitasking, which is something they do naturally as they tend to be extremely curious about many things at once. Still, Geminis tend to be highly intelligent, even if they do not brag about it too much. They are driven by the need to be well informed about what goes on around them. Geminis are also more comfortable showing their emotions by relying on creativity, as they do not like to talk about their deeper feelings.

The best cat breed, according to the zodiac, that can match the diverse personality of a Gemini is the Siamese cat. Siamese cats are known for their fascinating, curious nature, their intelligence, and fun personality. Just like Gemini’s Siamese cats are highly active and love to play. They adjust well to their owner. One of Gemini’s strongest traits is how well they blend in with other people, which is explained because they can absorb the personality of the people they hang out with.

Both Siamese cats and people born under the Gemini zodiac use their creativity to express themselves, making them a perfect match.

About the Siamese Cat:

  • Medium-sized cat
  • Short coat (minimum grooming required)
  • Medium life span (8-12 years)
  • Excellent with children

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The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Cancer – The Ragdoll Cat

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are incredibly sensitive and extremely affectionate. Cancer zodiac is one of the most emotional signs. They feel everything to the fullest. They’re also food lovers and are naturally curious about photography and the magic of colours, making anyone from the cancer zodiac very artistic.

As for the best cat breed according to the zodiac, their perfect match is the Ragdoll cat breed. Ragdoll cats are probably one of the most affectionate cat breeds. They love it when their favourite person cuddles them. They are always ready to be spoiled but also to shower their human friend with equal love. Ragdoll cats get their name probably because they are very laidback, plus when you pick them up, they tend to go completely soft, just like a rag doll.

Like Ragdoll cats, people born under the Cancer zodiac sign are one of the loveliest souls you will ever meet. They will enjoy each other’s company and spoil each other with lots of love.

About the Ragdoll Cat:

  • Ver Large-sized Cat
  • Long Lifespan (12 – 17 years)
  • Long haired – they do require extensive grooming
  • Perfect inside cat.
  • Excellent with children

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The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Leo – Bengal Cats

The leaders of the zodiac are surprisingly timid. Leos tend to be independent and extremely focused. However, deep inside, they are driven by their heart and would do anything for the ones they love. They love a party but would pick a night-in at any time. Leos are also highly creative and tend to express it in many ways. And even though Leos are naturally confident, they are also extremely self-conscious. People born under the Leo zodiac sign are often seen as extraordinarily strong and optimistic in other people’s eyes. This is a misconception as Leos are always afraid to make mistakes and even tend to be introverts.

The best cat breed, according to zodiac, that can match Leo’s personality is the Bengal cat. Just like Leo’s, Bengal cats are often misjudged. Bengal cats may look like tigers from the outside, leading people to assume that they are wild, but that is only another misconception. Bengal cats are incredibly affectionate. Still, they have a lot of energy and love to keep busy, and even though they are very independent, they hate to spend long hours on their own. Once they feel tired, their favourite place will be curled up next to their favourite person.

Like their Leo owner, Bengal cats love the outdoors’ adrenaline but can adapt well to indoor life. The Bengal cat will make any Leo extremely happy.

About Bengal Cats:

  • Medium to Large cat
  • Lifespan 10 – 16 years
  • Low shedding
  • Excellent with children

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The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Virgo – Abyssinian Cat

Virgos are known for their intelligence and perfectionism. They analyze everything and everyone before making any decisions; they are also overthinkers by nature but very reserved. Virgos know where they stand and will not be told otherwise, as they are not pushovers. They have a cat-like curiosity and know how to find out any answer to their doubts. Virgos are determined and will only be done when they are done.

As for the best cat breed according to zodiac, their best match would be the Abyssinian cat. The Abyssinian cat is the best learner among their cat friends. They are incredibly curious; if something catches their eye, they will investigate immediately. They also love to be the centre of attention and make sure that their favourite human takes a lot of their attention.

Abyssinian cats are true brainers, so it would not be surprising if you caught them doing something unusual that normal cats do not. They are the perfect best friend for a Virgo as they will help to stimulate their owner’s brains while ensuring that Virgos take a little break from their hectic schedule.

About Abyssinian Cats:

  • Low Shedding – short coat
  • Medium-sized cat
  • Lives from 9 – 13 years
  • Needs social interaction
  • Does well with children

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The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Libra – Exotic Shorthair

Libras are the peacemakers of the zodiacs. If anyone is arguing, they can make anyone see things from another perspective. They strongly dislike when the people around them do not get along and have conflict. They thrive on making everyone happy. Librans disapprove when people are selfish. They also tend to be very fair and try to hear everyone else before deciding on their own. Libras love art almost as much as they love animals.

Their best cat breed, according to the zodiac, is the Exotic Shorthair cat. Yes, the Exotic Shorthair cat looks like Grumpy Cat!  These cats are close relatives of the elegant Persian cats; however, Exotic cats are more active and playful and have a shorter coat. They are also very gentle and love attention; they will often chase their favourite human around because they want to spend every minute with them. And when their owner sits down; the Exotic sweet cat will quickly jump into their lap.

Just like Libras, Exotic Shorthair cats are very loving and love when everyone is happy around them.

About Exotic Shorthair Cats:

  • Short coat with minimal shedding
  • Medium-sized cat (4-7kg)
  • Good with children and dogs
  • Lives from 12 – 14 years

The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Scorpio – Russian Blue

Scorpios are very self-disciplined and self-controlled zodiac signs. Scorpios love control, and they carefully plan every part of their life. They love routine and hate when things do not go their way. They tend to hide their feelings as they do not like to feel vulnerable; they spend a lot of time trying to avoid situations where they can be hurt. People under this zodiac are fearless and never back down from challenging situations.

The best cat breed, according to the zodiac, that would fit Scorpio’s personality would be the beautiful Russian Blue cat. The Russian Blue cats are affectionate and loyal and will chase their human around. They are very vocal cats, if they are not happy – they will certainly let you know about it!  Not only that, but the Russian blue cats are willing to give a lot of love to all of their human friends, but they also demand it in return. It is a two-way street with this sweet cat. And even though they love being around people, if their routine gets disturbed and you get large gathers at home, they tend to shy away and hide.

Just like Scorpios, Russian Blue cats do not like surprises along the way, but they can truly count on each other’s loyal company.

About Russian Blue Cats:

  • Large-sized cat
  • Short-coat – requires minimum grooming
  • Lives from 15 – 20 years
  • Gentle with children
  • Highly intelligent

The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Sagittarius – American Shorthair Cat

Sagittarius tends to be the traveller of the zodiac. They crave adventure, and they love to be carefree. They are life smart; they know how to survive through anything in life, that would probably explain why they are bold and live life to the fullest. Sagittarius is also incredibly honest and does not like to hang out with people who are not themselves at 100%.

The best cat breed, according to the zodiac, is the American Shorthair cat. American Shorthair cats travel exceptionally well, which is a key quality as their human friend loves travelling. They also adapt well to any temperature, making it easy to travel to different locations with different environments. The American Shorthair cat is an exceptionally low maintenance cat, another great quality as a travelling buddy.

No matter what type of adventure a Sagittarius decides to follow, the American Shorthair cat will make a fantastic company.

About American Shorthair Cats:

  • Medium-sized cat
  • Short coat – minimum shedding
  • Tends to put on weight easily
  • Great cat for single people
  • Good with children

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Best Breed of Cat According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Capricorn – The Scottish Fold Cat

Capricorns are goal-oriented and driven people. They know what they want out of life, and they are not afraid to set personal targets for themselves. They are very well-grounded people and tend to be very realistic. They are also incredibly patient, so don’t get stressed very easily. People born under the Capricorn zodiac sign prefer meaningful relationships rather than platonic ones. They are also extremely loyal, so they expect the same from the people in their lives.

As for the best cat breed according to zodiac that matches a Capricorn’s personality, it must be the Scottish Fold Cat, as this is one of the most loyal and cuddly cat breeds. The Scottish Fold Cat quickly becomes a part of the family as they crave human attention all the time. They are highly intelligent, and they have a demanding personality. However, they will keep their kitten qualities for longer than most cats.

Capricorns don’t take the people in their lives for granted, and they tend to cherish every relationship. So as a furry friend, the Scottish Fold will never let go of his Capricorn.

About the Scottish Fold Cat:

  • Very Large cat
  • Lives from 9 – 12 years
  • Short hair but high shedding fur
  • Needs regular grooming
  • Good with children

The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Aquarius – Birman Cats

Aquarius has a mission to change the world. People born under the Aquarius zodiac sign like to be helpful and tend to be an incredibly important part of their community. However, you will not see their emotional side easily as Aquarius are masters in detaching their emotions not to get hurt. They also hate drama and will avoid it, even though they are particularly good at problem-solving.

When it’s time to pick the best cat breed according to the zodiac, Aquarius is an excellent match with Birman cats. The Birman cat is incredibly gentle and kind. They also love to be involved with everything that happens around them. Like Aquarius, Birman cats are driven to help the ones around them, and they will create an incredible bond with their favourite human.

Birman cats are very energetic, but there will be no better place than beside their Aquarius human when it’s time to relax.

About Birman Cats:

  • Very large sized cat
  • Lives from 9 – 13 years
  • Needs regular grooming
  • Tends to put on weight – needs regular exercise
  • Excellent with children

The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Pisces – Tonkinese Cat

Pisces is the kindest and most gentle sign from the zodiac chart. They tend to feel every emotion at their fullest. They are easily hurt but highly devoted people, a dreamer by nature, and incredibly romantic. People who share this zodiac sign crave for that feeling of belonging somewhere and be a part of a group. However, Pisces despise rules due to their free spirit energy.

Pisces love affection, so the best cat breed according to zodiac that would make the greatest friend is the Tonkinese Cat. The Tonkinese Cats love stability and hate change; they look at their human in the same way. Once they create a bond with their favourite human, the Tonkinese Cat will follow them around. The Tonkinese Cat is very vocal too – so he will let you know he is in the room!

Like Pisces, the Tonkinese Cat hates loneliness and get depressed if they do not get enough attention from their human friend. They will spoil their human with lots of love.

About Tonkinese Cats:

  • Low-shedding cat
  • Lives from 10 – 16 years
  • Great with children
  • Very intelligent

The Best Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac | Stay at Home Mum

Cats come in all shapes, sizes and colours – but choosing the right cat for your personality and lifestyle will give you both a better and happier life!

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