Best Self Tanning Products for a Glow at Home

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Best Self Tanning Products for a Glow at Home

List of the Best Self Tanning Products for a Glow at Home

It’s not always possible to go out and get a nice spray tan. Especially if you want to keep that fabulous tan up and have to go back to get it done weekly.  Save some money and learn how to give yourself an amazing glowing self tan with our list of the best self tanning products you can buy to get your glow on at home!

Here is a step by step process to give yourself the most amazing self-tan at home and some recommendations of the best self tanning products to use.

Best Self Tanning Products to Tan at Home | STay at

Best Pre-Tan Skin Exfoliating Products:

To get the most out of your fake tan, you need to prepare your skin first.  This means a shave or wax to remove hair and a good exfoliation.  It’s recommended to wait a day or two after exfoliating before you apply your self-tan, giving the skin a chance to calm down. When exfoliating, pay particular attention to your knees and elbows.  These areas tend to really ‘suck in’ the tan and it is easy to over-tan these areas.

So to prevent this from happening, give them a good exfoliation.  It isn’t recommended that you moisturise your skin before self-tanning – but after you apply the tan and it has developed, regular moisturising will ensure the longevity of the tan.

Bondi Sands Exfoliating Mitt 

The Bondi Sands exfoliating mitt works in two ways! One side is black, which is used for removed dead skin and giving you that nice exfoliating feel. Taking the time to exfoliate your skin before tanning makes a huge difference not only to the final result but also for the length of the tan! The blue side is used for fixing up any tanning errors which is common around elbows, ankles and the face. RRP: $9.95


Bondi Sands Exfoliating Mitt | Stay at Home Mum

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Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub 

This award-winning scrub is made of pink Himalayan salt, lemongrass, coconut oil and macadamia oil. It’s ideal for prepping the skin for fake tan as well as helping treat areas of cellulite and stretch marks. It’s certified to be cruelty and vegan free with an RRP of $35.95. Combine this salt scrub with an exfoliating mitt and you will be left feeling refreshed and amazing!

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Best Affordable Tanning Foams to buy:

Tanning lotions have come a really long way, and now most self-tanning foams or formulations you can buy are all quite good to excellent.  Most of the following tanning products are under $30 a bottle – and are of high quality leaving you with a long-lasting golden glow that doesn’t look orange!

Each tanning product will have different directions on how to use and how fast it activates, so read the instructions. Most, however, you can apply your self-tan before going to bed. Make sure you have some old sheets on your bed and don’t touch your partner! By the time you have a shower in the morning, the fake tan will have activated and will last you a week or two.

1. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam 

Bondi Sands has to be one of the all-time classics when it comes to self-tan. Australian made and very popular, it always leaves a great finishing tan and it smells pretty good too. It contains aloe vera to help create a natural glow. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam comes in Light/Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. If you only want a light tan look, it’s recommended to wash off the self-tanning foam after having it one for one hour but if you want a long-lasting tan, leave it on overnight for a min of 6 hours.

Bondi Sands is particularly good for people with really fair skin, it doesn’t leave you looking like an Oompa Loompa!

RRP: $14.95

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2. Eco Tan Invisible Tan 

Eco Tan Invisible Tan is a great tanning product for those with medium to olive skin. It’s scented with Rose flower so it smells amazing! This tan takes 6 – 8 hours to activate so it’s ideal for those that don’t mind tanning overnight. It will give you a beautiful bronze glow!

RRP: $34.95

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3. Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan Mousse  

Vita Liberata Tanning Mouse is one of the longest-lasting self-tanning products on the market at the moment! It can last up to 2 – 3 weeks, so if you are time-poor, it’s perfect! It’s created with 70% organic ingredients and doesn’t have a strong smell. To maximise it’s long life, apply the tan 3 times and then leave on for 3 – 24 hours.

RRP: $63.75


10811484 6124750260518325 | Stay at Home

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Best Luxury Tanning Lotions:

Luxury tanning formulations often are organic or vegan or have additional ingredients that will nourish your skin.  Some of the luxury brands are also better for Snow White’s amongst us – they seem to have better colour scales for really light skin.  If you are really pale and want to try a fake tan, always go the lightest colour first – or you could end up looking like an Oompa Loompa!

1. Kora Organics Gradual Self Tanning Lotion 

This organic self-tanning lotion is a combination of noni extract, rosehip and seabuckthorn oils, designed to gradually tan as well as moisturizing the skin. It is recommended to wait 4 – 8 hours after applying before getting wet to maintain that beautiful glow. Use it daily and you can adjust how tanned you want to be. This is a great product for tanning newbies who get a bit scared of turning orange!

RRP: $52.70


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2. Vita Liberata Anti – Ageing Self Tanning Serum 

This self-tanning serum is designed to work in conjunction with your skincare routine to give a naturally tanned complexion. It’s also anti-ageing! This product is designed for your face just apply 2 – 3 drops to your facial moisturiser.  It can be daunting applying tan to your face, because if you get it wrong – oh boy it is obvious! This serum is definitely a safer option to for a gradual bronze glow.

RRP: $56.25

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Best Vegan Self Tanners:

If you are looking for cruelty-free (not to say the other products above are not) and vegan-friendly tanning products, here are a few suggestions:

1. Mineral Fusion Gradual Self Tan Lotion

Mineral Fusion Gradual Self Tan lotion is certified to be vegan and cruelty-free. It’s made with sunflower seed oil, aloe vera, shea butter and vitamin E – so it has an amazing smell. It comes in a medium/dark shade so this gradual tan is for those looking to get a nice dark tan!

RPP: $10.20

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2. KORA Sun-Kissed Glow Body Oil 

Kora sun-kissed glow body oil is a slightly tinted body oil that is designed to give you a really natural-looking tan. Made with roes hip, sunflower seed and sea buckthorn oils which are designed to moisturize. Kora’s body oil could just become apart of your general skin care routine and you get the added bonus of a tan!

RPP: $80.00

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3. WOTNOT Natural Golden Gradual Tanning Lotion 

This gradual tanning lotion from WOTNOT was designed with sensitive skin in mind! The fragrance and ingredients are made form natural ingredients. It’s hydrating, streak-free and fades nicely not leaving you with weird patches! So good!

RPP: $29.99

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Best Gradual Tan Formulations:

Gradual tans are great for those of us who are pale too as you can control how light or dark you want to go.  However, they can take time to build up enough for you to notice your new tan – often up to a week or so.  If you are new to home tanning, these are a great introductory option.

1. Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk 

Created with Vitamin E, aloe vera and heaps of antioxidants, Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk is a great beginner-friendly product. It smells amazing and is great for your skin!

RRP: $13.50

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2. The Beauty Department Man Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion 

Self Tanning isn’t just for the ladies! It’s for the men too! Help bring a golden glow with this gradual tan made of a variety of essential oils. It’s buildable so go as light or dark as you please. People will be asking you where you have been on holiday!



12007304 2074649898187635 | Stay at Home

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3. ESPA Gradual Tan Moisturiser

Enjoy the smell of jasmine and shea butter as you gradually tan yourself and moisturise at the same time! ESPA Gradual Tan Moisturiser only takes 4 hours to activate, so leave it on overnight and wake up with a subtle glow that you can build on!

RRP: $47.25


11553579 1074539504124770 | Stay at Home

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4. La Mav Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser 

The La Mav Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser comes in light and medium and even have travel-size options perfect for when you are on the go! Made with a combo of some oils like argan oil, macadamia oil and camellia oil, it will nourish your skin. One application will give you a beautiful sunkissed look, apply again to go for a darker bronze!

RRP: $30.00

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Best Instant Tans:

Instant tans are the ones that don’t need time to develop over a few hours – they are instant tans – which is great if you need a tan in a hurry! But they are for the more experienced at-home tanners are it is very easy to over-do it. So, if you want that natural tan right before an event, here are some of the best instant tans:

1. ModelCo Tan Airbrush in a Can 

This instant tan is so good that it’s won multiple awards! Coming in medium/natural, it is literally an airbrush tan in a can. It will instantly tan that will also continue to develop over 6 hours. It only takes 60 seconds, so if no problems if you are in a hurry!

RRP: $21.25


11380259 9644739560844085 | Stay at Home


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2. PureTan Instant Tanning Foam Light Medium 

Got somewhere to be in an hour? Just have a shower and apply this instant tan and you will be sorted, looking amazing! It only takes one hour to activate and won’t leave you feeling sticky, so just get dressed and head out. Coming in a light colour, this is a great beginner option if you dare to try instant tan.

RRP: $34.95


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3. Bondi Sands Wash Off Instant Tan 

Had a bit of a stuff up doing your tan? Well, use Bondi Sands wash off tan and you literally can just wash it off. No one will ever know. It only takes 60 seconds to dry and when you want to wash it off, just have a good scrub in the shower and done!

RRP: $15.26

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Best Tanning Gloves and Applicators:

A good tan not only takes good pre-tan preparation, but a good tan also needs an even and consistent application.  Luckily tanning gloves are the answer!  They are inexpensive, machine washable and really go a long way in making your tan look lovely and even.

1. ModelCo Self Tanning Glove 

This self-tanning glove by ModelCo is designed for single use only to help create a beautiful streak-free, even tan. Your hands will stay stain-free too!

RRP: $6.80

11456476 1004739561469528 | Stay at Home

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2. Sunescape Self-Tan Applicator Mitt

This self-tan applicator is re-useable and will make your tan look even, and streak-free. The mitt is designed to be used on larger body areas and also the tricky areas like elbows, ankles and knuckles. Just apply a smaller amount of tan to your tan applicator in those tricky areas, and you should be fine.

RRP: $7.90

11294630 6804436397537099 | Stay at Home


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3. Loving Tan Back Applicator 

One of the trickier places to tan, unless you have a tanning buddy who will do it for you – is your back! Your arms can’t quite reach! Loving Tan produced this tan back applicator that will tan those areas that are hard to reach! It’s even foldable so it’s great for storage or when you are travelling.

RRP: $19.96

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4. Bondi Sands Reusable Self Tan Mitt 

Your hands will be stain-free with the Bondi Sands Reuseable Self Tan Mitt! Apply your tan to the pink side of the mitt and get to work!

RRP: $7.95

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Best Tan Removers:

Oopsie!  You overdid it and are now bright browny orange…. Don’t fear – we have all done it!  Luckily there is a great range of tan removers now – so no one ever needs to know!

1. ModelCo MC2 Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap

This Tan Exfoliating soap is perfect for fixing up tanning errors. It contains goats milk, natural pumice and has a beautiful coconut scent. So when you get out of the shower, you will smell amazing!

RRP: $8.50

11567272 4414739561540778 | Stay at Home

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2. Sunescape Tan Removal Mitt 

Sunescape Tan Removal Mitt is great to remove unwanted tan marks or to exfoliate as you prepare to tan at home. All you need to do is we the mitt, you can even add some soap or your favourite products and massage your skin. If it is only a minor mistake, just use your finger inside the mitt and lightly scrub.


11294631 1914436397581868 | Stay at Home

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3. TanOrganic TanErase Ultimate Exfoliator 

This mitt is great to use to prep to tan at home or to fix tanning mistakes. It’s certified to be organic and vegan as well as eco friendly. You will feel so fresh after you have used this exfoliator!

RRP: $17.47

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More Reading:

Now you have a list of what to use, when to use and how! So, go and enjoy some self – care and give yourself a beautiful glowing tan!

Best Self Tanning Products for a Glow at Home | Stay at Home Mum

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