Hydrating Mists: Spritz It, Baby!

Stay calm, cool and totally hydrated this summer with an intoxicating hydrating mist or spritzer. Not only will your skin thank you, your senses and mood will thank you, too!

What Is It?

A mist or a spritz – often called a hydrating mist, flower water, or refreshing mist, is a lightweight, perfumed liquid that comes your way as a spray ready to spritz over your face, neck and décolletage.

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It should smell divine so it lifts your spirits while it invigorating your skin, so make sure you pick one you love the scent of.  They will usually have some kind of botanical base, think flowers like roses and lavender, or plants like wild lime. Look for products that contain all natural ingredients to prevent your skin drying out rather than hydrating. 

What Does It Do?

There are many, many claims from many, many skincare brands on what a mist or spritz can do, here are a few I find pretty accurate. A mist can close pores, refresh and prep your skin for the next step. 

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So, here we go, a mist / spritz can; 




Support Moisture Balance

Protect from the Elements

Protect from Environmental Aggressors

Restore Moisture

Reduce Redness




Refresh Makeup

Lift Your Mood


But all in all, I always feel so much better after a quick spritz of my favourite hydrating mist, the spritz it self is cooling and rejuvenating, and the scents lifts my spritz and my mood – now isn’t that worth a little real estate in your handbag?

How To Use

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It’s really quite simple. Hold the product about 20 cms away from your face, close you eyes, and spritz away.

These mists can be used under makeup, consider it something like a toner, or over makeup straight after applying, and throughout the day to freshen things up a little.

TIP: Store you mist in the fridge throughout summer for a super refreshing and uplifting boost!

Keep a hydrating mist in your bag for every occasion, think air-conditioned environments, hot days, workouts, flights, when you wake up in the morning, as a mood booster, if you can’t find your toner, the list just goes on and on.

Jurlique Elderberry & Freesia Hydrating Mist (Limited Edition) | 100mL, $52.00

It’s how Jurlique’s botanicals are grown and harvested that makes their products special. For more than 30 years they’ve owned their own organic farm in the hills of South Australia. 

 ‘Awaken your senses and indulge in the season with Jurlique’s NEW Elderberry & Freesia Hydrating Mist Limited Edition. Offering a joyful scent for the festive season, the new Limited Edition Mist restores, protects and hydrates the skin to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.’ But don’t stress if you miss out on the limited edition scent, every Jurlique mist is divine!


Li’tya Wild Rosella Hydrating Mist RRP $64.00 

Rosewater has fabulous anti-inflammatory properties so it soothes and cools your skin on those hot summer days while wild Rosella helps to revive tired, dehydrated skin.  Its scent is refreshing and uplifting. All Li’tya native ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced too. 

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Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating Mist RRP $26.00

Mecca’s rose scented hydrating mist is uplifting and leaves your skin and mood in a better state than it was post-spritz! Its full of amino acids and natural extracts that shields skin from irritation and drying out.

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Save Our Skin Mystify Me Face Refresh and Toning Spritzer RRP $38.00 

If you are a fan of all natural, Australian made skin care that is vegan then this brand and product is for you! Save Our Skin is skincare with a cause that support our environment as well as our skin! This spritz is full of vitamin A, C and E vitamins along with native Australian Aloe Vera and two of my all time favourites, Kakadu plum and quandong.

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Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water RRP $ 25.99

As a huge fan of the thermal waters at the Peninsula Hot Springs down on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, I love that I can smell the scent of those mineral rich waters gently coming through in this spray. I love that this spritz is gentle enough to use on infants on a hot and sticky day too. 

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Skin Inc. Pure Serum Mist RRP $ 30.00

This mist is a serum based spritz that’s enhanced with Japanese Olsen mineral water (there are those hot springs I love so much again!) to hydrate and soften your skin at a deeper level.

Happy spritzing!


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