We Reviewed Petite Skin Co.’s Skincare Range for Pre-Teen Skin!

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We Reviewed Petite Skin Co.’s Skincare Range for Pre-Teen Skin!

When I received this beautifully boxed skincare range from Petite Skin Co. for pre-teen skin, I imagined all the little princesses of the world using this gorgeous skincare range to keep their skin nice.

We Reviewed Petite Skin Co's Skincare Range for Teen Skin! | Stay At Home Mum

Most girls are good at practicing hygiene (not all – some) so I’m sure they would embrace this concept a lot easier than boys would. But because I know it’s equally important for boys and girls to take care of their skin and Petite Skin Co.’s skincare range was so beautiful, and made of really quality ingredients, and the fact as a parent I have to TEACH my children to look after their skin – we gave it a go.

My boys are now 14 and 15 years old – so they are no long pre-teens. But I want them to look after the beautiful skin that they have inherited. But they are boys and boys are – gross. They don’t look after anything, never mind their skin!

We Reviewed Petite Skin Co's Skincare Range for Teen Skin! | Stay At Home Mum

As parents, we do go to so much trouble to teach kids to brush their teeth and do their hair – but we don’t teach them about a good skincare regime. That, all that grime from eating salty chips and then touching their faces is going to cause blackheads and blemishes and excess oil.

That’s gotta change.

When my son ran into the room to tell me he popped a zit and it hit the mirror – I knew we had to start working on his skincare… Oh and although gross – I used to do the same thing!

The Petite Skin Co.’s Skincare Range is GENTLE

Petite Skin Co.’s Skincare Range is formulated specifically for Pre-Teen Skin.  Both my boys have really sensitive skin. My youngest boy in particular suffered from eczema for most of his life – and even going swimming resulted in him getting chlorine burn. So any products we use on his skin have to be so gentle! 

Petite Skin 1 | Stay at Home

The Petite Skin Co.’s Skincare Range is Gentle

It can be tempting to reach for adult or acne products at the first sign of skin changes but young skin just isn’t mature enough to handle active or medicated ingredients, often causing more harm than good.

Parents now have a much more gentle option to introduce their pre-teens and tweens to skincare, so that they can be confident won’t be too harsh for their skin. 

Petite Skin 2 | Stay at Home

The creators of Petite Skin Co. are two Sunshine Coast Mum’s who noticed changes to their own kid’s faces and couldn’t find quality products suited to such young skin.

They thought if they were struggling to find the perfect first skincare products for their children, other parents must be too. So they worked with the very best natural chemists in Australia and created the Petite Skin Co. range.

Skincare Habits Should Be Started Early – With Great Products

Good skin hygiene won’t prevent all blackheads, pimples and bumps, but it will certainly go a long way in making your child’s skin cleaner, healthier and clearer!

The Petite Skin Co. products contain only natural ingredients.

petite skin 7 | Stay at Home

And because ingredients are so important, we wanna let you know that Petite Skin Co. is:

  • Free from Parabens
  • No Sulphates
  • Contains no artificial fragrances
  • Contain no pesticides
  • Is not tested on animals

The Petite Skin Co. also has a complete list of ingredients for every product located on their website.

Most Importantly – Pre-Teens Should Be Using Sunscreen Daily

I never leave the house without sunscreen. And in the past – I used my grown-up sunscreen on the boys because it was much better quality than the chemist-bought stuff, and didn’t hurt their eyes. But my sunscreen might be good for my skin – mature skin – but it isn’t great for young skin. That’s why Petite Skin Co. include a beautiful gentle sunscreen that is to be used daily.

Because again, good skincare habits should be started early – and the very best thing you can do for young skin is to protect it from the harsh Australian sun.

Petite Skin 4 | Stay at Home

When to Start Your Child on a Good Skincare Routine

All kids start developing at different ages so there’s no definitive right time. My ADHD son had bad body odour from just five years old! But really – starting about 7 – 12 years of age when you start noticing them getting a blackhead or two on the nose – that’s when you start teaching them about skincare.

It’s a common misconception that using skincare can ‘ruin’ skin or cause future issues, this just isn’t the case.

petite skin 6 | Stay at Home

When you think about it, we’ve been washing our bodies and wearing sunscreen since birth, looking after the skin on our faces just makes sense!

How Did My Boys Go with Petite Skin Co.’s Range of Skincare?

I placed the Petite Skin Co.’s range in my boys’ bathroom (they love products even though they rarely use them correctly)… A few days later my youngest comes into my room holding the cleanser ‘I really love this stuff Mum!’.

I grinned – but said nothing – I don’t want to jinx it!

His skin is looking fabulous and he’s the kid with the uber-sensitive skin.

My oldest is still struggling with hormonal acne, but his skin has certainly cleared and has a lot less ‘redness’ than usual. I put this down to him looking after his skin better.

I did start taking photographs of his skin during this trial – but just before we started he got the biggest, baddest volcano of a pimple the world has seen right on the end of his nose… so he wouldn’t let me use the photos lol!

Petite Skin | Stay at Home

No skincare is going to cure hormonal acne. But if you want a good, gentle, beautiful skincare range perfectly suited to young people – this is the one to buy!

We Reviewed Petite Skin Co.’s Skincare Range for Pre-Teen Skin! Pinnable

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