What to Include in a Period Kit for Your Daughter at SchoolYour baby girl is growing up!

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Your little girl is growing up – and you want her to be prepared for her body changes. Time for a Period Kit.

You’ve had the period talk, now you need to make sure she has the tools to be prepared for it should it happen at school. Plus you never know, maybe one of her friends might get her period at school and not be prepared. Here is the period kit that is perfect for your tween or teen daughter, so she has everything she needs for when that day happens!

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The scary thing is that girls seem to be getting their period younger and younger.  I know quite a few 10 year old’s that have their periods – so it best to prepare them early – for any possibility! A school Period Kit is a must.

1. Large Pencil Case


A large pencil case is a great ‘container’ for your daughter’s period kit, plus it is a good way to ‘hide it in plain sight’ – especially if your daughter is embarrassed about getting her period at school (which most girls are until they get used to the idea). If she grabs her pencil case out of her bag, or if it falls out, she is less likely to be embarrassed about it rather than having a pink or purple purse which screams ‘I’m bleeding from my vagina!’.

2. Pads & Tampons

What to Include in a Period Kit for Your Daughter at School
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Before considering the traditional choice of Pads and Tampons, for a light flow I would recommend a better alternative ModiBodi

More Information about Modi Body: Trial Period & Pee Proof Undies with ModiBodi

Now Pads or Tampons? – Whatever your daughter is more comfortable with. Most younger girls are more comfortable with pads to begin with, and will start using tampons when they are a little older. It is even a good idea to have a combination of both for really heavy days. Remember young girls doing sports or swimming will probably be more comfortable with tampons. Explain to your daughter how to use them, and tell her to practise insertion at home! Mini tampons and mini pads are available at the supermarket for younger girls. Another option is the tampons with applicators – they are a little bulkier – but really great for young users to get the tampon positioned correctly.

3. Underwear/Panty Liners


When girls first get their periods, their cycle can be all over the shop. This is where panty liners come in handy. They will catch any initial flow, and keep undies and hopefully clothing free of stains. Panty liners are also a great way to train girls just before they get their periods on how to use pads.

4. Deodorant

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With hormones racing around the body, body odour can become a big problem. Plus, many girls are also very self-conscious about the ‘smell’ of having their period. Let your daughter choose a good quality deodourant or body spray to make her feel comfortable and confident for her School Period Kit.

5. Wipes

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Wipes are great for everything. They are especially great at cleaning up any messes without having to use water. Great at cleaning under the arms should she need it too. Small packets of wipes that will fit beautifully into a Period Kit pencil case are available in the travel section of the supermarket. They are great not only for cleaning, but to spot stains as well and to just freshen up!

6. Change of Underwear

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Just in case – always pack a spare pair of underpants in the pencil case / period kit. Black is the perfect colour for teen period underwear

7. Ziplock Bags or Plastic Bag

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To store any soiled clothing. Or if she finds herself in a place with nowhere to dispose of used sanitary products safely – that way, it is discreet and can be wrapped and popped back into the pencil case / period kit until she gets home!

8. Some Panadol Tablets

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You will have to okay it with the school first, but if your daughter gets particularly painful periods, having a couple of panadol in her period kit will help ease those pains until she can get a hot water bottle on her tummy!

9. Chocolate

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Because chocolate always makes things feel better when you feel your baby box is trying to climb out of your vagina.

What They Need To Know About Their Period

We recommend the following age-appropriate books:

1. Early Girl Stuff 8–12

What To Include in Your Daughters First Period Kit | Stay at Home Mum

This book is the essential younger girl’s guide to puberty and the pre-teen years. Here’s everything you need to know about being a pre-teen, from Kaz Cooke, author of Girl Stuff for teens.

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  • body changes
  • dealing with friends & bullies
  • getting confident
  • first periods
  • pimples
  • hair (wherever it is)
  • phones & being online
  • what to eat
  • being fit & healthy
  • the best books & movies
  • how to be happy with your own true self

More Information > 

2. Girls Only!

What to Include in Your Daughters First Period Kit | Stay at Home Mum


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The essential girl guide to growing up! Girls Only! focuses on the practicalities, social and personal implications when you start your period, and the physical and emotional developments in puberty. It tells you what happens and when, what you need to know and how to prepare. It answers all the questions girls are dying to ask, but dare not, in a clear, friendly way, using real-life examples. It’s the perfect first book about periods for girls from primary school age and upwards, with a reassuring tone and fun, quirky illustrations. The perfect first book about periods for girls of primary school age, information at the right level. A great book to accompany the concept of a Period Kit.

Any other suggestions you can think of to include in your daughter’s first period kit?

What to Include in a Period Kit for Your Daughter at School

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