15 Cheap Wedding Bouquets for When you are On a Budget

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15 Cheap Wedding Bouquets for When you are On a Budget

Weddings are notoriously expensive.  But there are loads of ideas on how to bring the cost down significantly, without sacrificing style! Here are our 18 Cheap Wedding Bouquets for when you are on a budget!

1. Shop from a Local Flower Farm Direct

Many flower farms are more than happy to sell directly to the public. Google commercial flower farmers in your area and give them a call or email to see if they will be happy to supply you with flowers (and to find out what sort of flowers that they grow).

Then find a friend that can put together the flowers to make a beautiful and cheap wedding bouquet that is perfect for your big day!

We love this Cream Rose and Hydrangea Cheap Wedding Bouquet from Lifestyle Flowers for only $45.

lifestyle | Stay at Home

2. Or Shop at a Flower Wholesaler

Flower Wholesalers are where most florists and supermarkets buy their flowers from. There are often flowers available from fruit and vegetable markets too if you can get up early enough to go.

Some of the larger flower wholesalers in Australia include:

3. Choose Budget Blooms

Exotic and flowers that aren’t in season around your wedding date are always going to be so much more expensive than using blooms that are abundant. Native floral arrangements are always a lot cheaper than exotic flower arrangements and beautiful!

Budget blooms include:

  • Alstroemeria
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Carnations
  • Baby’s Breath
florence | Stay at Home
Fresh Touch White Roses Bouquet by Florence Alice Florals – $30.00

4. Go for a Silk Flower Arrangement

Silk flowers last forever, are much cheaper than real flowers and you can buy them well in advance and store them until you need it. Some of the best silk flowers are from the United States – but they post beautifully so if you can purchase them well in advance, you have plenty of time for the post to get here!

Some stockists for Silk Flower Arrangements include:

Plus the great thing about Silk Bouquets is that you can re-sell them if you don’t want them afterwards!

il 794xN.2457433468 olf9 | Stay at Home

7. Ditch Flowers Altogether and Choose an Alternative Bouquet

There are so many beautiful alternative wedding bouquets now – and they are worth checking out. I’ve seen bridesmaids carry tiny lanterns with candles instead of flowers and it was beautiful.

If you have your heart set on a bouquet, there are alternatives to flowers such as paper bouquets, feathers, pearls, buttons and more! But I particularly love the faux flowers like this beautiful wedding bouquet from La Plume De Fleur:

| Stay at Home

8.  Grow the Blooms Yourself (If You Have a Green Thumb and the Time)

If you or a friend are avid gardeners and you have the time – look at growing the blooms yourself! You can pick up the most delicious rose bushes online in any colour you can imagine. Check out specialised rose growers online such as:

9. Have Local Groups Do the Blooms

Is there a CWA (Country Women’s Association) in your local area? They are often very crafty and are always looking for fundraising opportunities such as providing flowers for weddings. They do a marvellous job and they are always inexpensive. Give them a call to see if this is something they might offer.

10. Order Flowers from Your Local Supermarket in Advance

Have a look at the flowers on display at your local supermarkets. Yep even Woollies and Aldi have a great range – and if you can speak to the person in charge or ordering the blooms, they are usually more than happy to order in what you need for your big day!

11. Look at Dried Flower Bouquets Instead of Fresh Flowers

Dried Flower Arrangements are very trendy right now – and they are just beautiful – especially if you are having a traditional or boho wedding.

Check out this Preserved Rose and Eucalyptus Dried Flower Arrangement from Fever Bloom Co.

fever bloom co | Stay at Home

12. Check Out Alternative Marketplaces Such as Etsy

I had a look on Etsy and found some absolutely beautiful bridal bouquets that were damn cheap. This one here from Serenity was only $52!!

serenity | Stay at Home

13. Use The Wedding Bouquets as Table Decorations at the Reception

Rather than purchasing individual table decorations for the reception, have your bouquet as decoration on the bridal table, and the bridesmaids bouquets on the guest tables. You may as well get as much use out of them as you can!

14. Find a Student Florist

Approach your nearest florist school to see if a student florist would be available to do your flowers. They might even have contacts to be able to purchase the flowers cheaply!

15. Stick to a Smaller Style Bouquet

The smaller bouquets are always going to be cheaper. But just because they are smaller, doesn’t mean they won’t pack as much of a visual punch. Check out these beautiful wine blush and ivory bouquets – striking and beautiful – and small! They are only $18.87 each!

blooms and broaches | Stay at Home

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have beautiful flowers on your wedding day. Just think outside the square a little! The advantage of faux flowers over real ones is that you get to keep them forever – or even frame them for your home!

Cheap wedding bouquets are just one way to save money on your wedding!

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