22 Weird Nail Trends That Shouldn’t Exist

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22 Weird Nail Trends That Shouldn’t Exist

There are a million weird nail trends nowadays and frankly speaking, I think some of them should not exist. Never. Ever.

I am particular to clean fingernails but some part of me loves nail polishes too. If used accordingly, I think that having some nail polish (especially when suited to your current mood) is a good pick-me-up.

I love the thought of getting manicures and pedicures at the spa and coming out moments later feeling like a rockstar. But how much is too much?

Here are 22 of the most weird nail trends should GO AWAY:

1. Bubble Nails

Eww. Seriously, this trend needs to stop STAT! Does somebody really need nails that look like a bunch of bum sore? Nope. NOPE.

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2. Scorpion Nails

Why would anybody want to have a f*ckin’ scorpion on their nails? Even Morticia Adams does not approve!

3. Succulent Nail Art

So you’re pushing for a botany exhibit on your nails? I’m not a fan of it. Sorry not sorry!

4. Pierced Nails

So how do you wash your lady bits with these nails? I can’t even start to thinik about it.

5. Dollar Nails

22 Weird Nail Trends That Shouldn't Exist | Stay at Home Mum

Unhas Stiletto FB

Weird nail trends? If these nails can’t buy me anything then I’d say PASS.

6. Spike Nails
weird nail trends via

Lady Gaga would’ve wanted this. Not me. It’s just too much and I can only imagine the amount of gunk I could collect after cleaning my house with nails like these.

7. 3D Lego Nails

I have this fear of waking up one morning with millions of Lego pieces sticking up my nails. My kids would love these, but not me.

8. Caviar Nail Art

Totes absurd!

9. Super Long Acrylic Nails

weird nail trends


10. Teeth Nails

tetth nails | Stay at Home

Lol. How can you even wash hands with these? ‘Prolly the most absurd nail trend in this bunch.

11. Clear Acrylic Nails

Why did you even bother?

12. Pompom Nail Art

Just tacky and un-classy!

13. Vampire Fang Nails

Yep, it will pierce the innermost corner of your soul. Lol whut. No, just no.

14. Weird Nail Shapes

Sorry, my obsessive-compulsive self is dead. *I cringe*

15. Chrome Nails

This trend is go big or go home and no in between. It can work. The only thing that looks decent in here.

16. Unicorn Horn Nails

Stop it, your nails could be mistaken for those unicorn makeup brushes.

17. Duck Feet Nails

Eww. Please wear gloves!

18. Stilleto Nails



How do you even have sex with those nails? Bahaha.

19. Fidget Spinner Nails


20. Fried Egg Manicure

22 Weird Nail Trends That Shouldn't Exist | Stay at Home Mum

I like eggs…well..anywhere but not on the nails.

21. Nipple Nail Art

EWW. EWWWW. EEEWWWW. My trypophobic self is going berserk.

22. 3D Nail Art


Do you have any plans of copping these out of this world nail trends?

Please think twice. Lol!

22 Weird Nail Trends That Shouldn't Exist | Stay at Home Mum

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