20 Retro Hairstyles You Can Still Rock TodayThese Hairstyles are Timeless!

From old-school Hollywood glamour through to the 90’s, these gorgeous vintage and vintage-inspired hairstyles have stood the test of time!

Don’t even think that your hairstyle options are limited to current fads! If you want to go classic and timeless, then by all means, please do it. You’re going to look fabulous and elegant – and you’re going to look like what you freaking want to look like.

If you want to go retro but can’t decide on which vintage¬†hairstyle to choose, then this article is tailor-made for you. Here are 20 retro hairstyles you can still awesomely rock today!

1. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is one of the most beautiful faces to ever grace the big screen, and she’s also pretty popular for the hairstyles she sports. Here’s a wavy, beachy hairstyle that is as wild as it looks tame.

Brooke Shields, Movie Actress

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2. Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista, only one of the most accomplished and influential super models of all time! She is known to favour short and sleek hairstyles – this will make you look ultra powerful, too.

Linda Evangelista

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3. Ava Gardner

Old Hollywood superstar Ava Gardner sported this iconic hairdo in the film, One Touch of Venus. Though short, this particular hairstyle is very feminine and delicate!

Ava as Venus, goddess of love

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4. Brigitte Bardot

Another icon when it comes to unique and timeless hairstyles, Brigitte Bardot is all about making a statement with her tresses. Her style is perfect if you are into big and puffy hair!

Brigitte Bardot and the perfect pout

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5. Elizabeth Taylor

Who doesn’t want to look like the queen of classical movies herself! Elizabeth Taylor was fond of changing the way her hair looks from time to time, but her most iconic hairdo is her shoulder-length curly hair.

Elizabeth Taylor

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