32 Hairstyles for Sporty Girls Who Sweat A Lot!Braids, top knots, ponytails and buns!

Can’t focus in the middle of the workout because of messy hair?

We all know that working out is focus on shaping your body and keeping your body healthy. We don’t really care much about the hair…until….it keeps falling after several attempts of tying it together and it annoys you to the point of exhaustion…Also, wouldn’t it be nice to look good as well while doing it?! To help you out we have collated the top hairstyles for sporty girls like you.

The Braids

Braids are wonderful, this style will have this sense of strength that won’t let your hair fall down when you’re running, jumping or whatever workout you want to do! Guaranteed your hair is still there after many hours! Here is my recommended braid hairstyles when doing workout:

1. French Braid Pigtail

via modernwifelife.com


2. Braided Ponytail Brunch

via therighthairstyles.com


3. Headband Braid


via ponytailhair-styles.blogspot.com


4. Pull through Braid

via fashionisers.com

5. Braided Pigtails

via tukuoke.com

6. French Braid

Image Source: Self

7. Braided Crown

Image Source: Pinterest

8. Ponytail Braid

Image Source: Youtube

9. Twisted Bangs

Image Source: Hello Glow

10. Braided Topknot

Image Source: Simplemost

11. Double Dutch Braid

Image Source: Popsugar

12. Turn and Twist Braid

image Source: Pinterest

The Buns

Buns are great as they look fashionable and cute. Aside from that, it’ll keep your hair in place!

13. Spaced Messy Bun

via shape.com

14. Messy Buns

via shopstyle.com


15. Braid Bun

Image Source: Beauty Department

16. Space Bun with braids

Image Source: Pinterest

17. Half Bun

Image Source: athleta.net

18. Ballerina Bun

Image Source: Pinterest

19. Double Bun

Image Source: Hello Glow

20. Yoga Updo

Image Source: Hello Glow

21. Braided Messy Bun

Image Source: fashionisers

22. Barrette + Messy Bun

Image Source: Bustle

23. Tight Low Bun

Image Source: Real Simple

Headbands and Lackey Bands

I’m not really into headbands but I highly recommend these for people who have curly and thick hair since they will keep your hair from going crazy with all the activities. But be sure to buy good quality headbands!

24. Headband Braid

via store.nike.com


The Pony

The Pony is very simple, slick and durable at the same time. Famous people like Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and many celebs are currently rocking this kind of hairstyle! So, why don’t you bring your inner Hollywood star to your workout?

25. Bunch Ponytail

via fashionisers.com

26. Slick Back Ponytail with Headband

via pinterest.com.au


27. Low Ponytail

Image Source: fitnessta

28. Slide Lace Braid Ponytail

Image Source: Pinterest

28. High Ponytail

Image Source: All things hair

29. Slick Back Ponytail

Image Source: Glamour

The Knots

Knots are like buns but with durability of braids. If you don’t like your hair swinging around your back or sticking to your sweaty face, then why not try this style? It’ll keep your hair in place so you can focus on working out!

30. High Top Knot

Image Source: Women’s Health

31. Half Bantu Knots


32. Bantu Knots Mohawk


Have you decided which hairstyle you’d like to try?

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