I’m Sick of Heavy Periods so This is What I’m Going To Do

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I’m Sick of Heavy Periods so This is What I’m Going To Do

I’m Sick of Heavy Periods So This is What I’m Going To Do

I’m now coming up to the end of my second Mirena.  The Mirena has been good… it has eased my heavy periods, but I spot all the time, and that is making me crazy. I feel like I’m constantly leaking.   I am absolutely positively sure I’m never going back for more kids (I’m 42, now kids are nine and ten years old now, I’m done!).  So I’m booked in tomorrow to talk to my Gyno about getting an Endometrial Ablation.

Way back after the birth of my second baby when I asked my Gyno about getting the Endometrial Ablation (I’m going to call it Ablation for short), he talked me out of it.  You see, I’d done five years of IVF to get my first child, and I suppose he was worried that I might want more children (after having two in twelve months – that cured me!).  So instead he said to get a Mirena.  I trust him, I’ve seen the same Gyno through all my IVF, both births of my children and everything vagina related in between.  So I did.  And I can see where he was coming from. That’s why we pay Gynos the big bucks.

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Two babies in 12 months.  Don’t do that….

But now that I’m older, and absolutely sure I don’t want more children,  I’m wanting a more permanent solution to birth control, and also one that prevents my pesky periods.

To most women, that would be a hysterectomy.  My Mum had one thirty years ago and couldn’t walk for a week.  I know things have changed, but it seemed somewhat dramatic for what I was looking for.

hysterectomies | Stay at Home A Quick Story About My Pesky Periods

Now before I get messages that ‘periods are natural’ rah rah rah.  I want to tell you a bit about my history.  I was a really late starter period wise, I was nearly 16.  And when it did come, OMFG did it come.  I could wear a heavy pad, a tampon and still leak through in 30 minutes.  Not long enough in school to get through a whole class in high school without leaking through.  To make things worse, my school changed their uniform from a dark navy dress to a WHITE DRESS!  For an all-girls school (mental!!).  So you can imagine the constant embarrassment I felt, and the endless amount of Napisan my mother had to use to try and get the stains out of my school uniform. I was lucky that the people I went to school with were so good about it and would let me know nicely (thank you thank you thank you!).

My mother had hers so bad she had to wear plastic pants (like the sort that goes over nappies), and we even trialled THOSE (so sexy I know…).

I was constantly tired from lack of iron. I even tried maternity pads, now that is really like waddling around with a mattress between your legs.

My periods have also never ever been regular.  Two weeks, two months, eight months, two days, I never knew when they were coming.  And that never changed.  No wonder I had so much trouble getting pregnant later on. It’s a family thing.

What Actually IS Endometrial Ablation?

Endometrial Ablation is where the ‘Endometrium’ or the lining of the uterus is destroyed, including the base of the lining so it won’t ever grow back.  It is a permanent procedure done under Light Anaesthetic or twilight sedation by a Gynocologist.  It is only a day procedure and the actual surgery only takes a few minutes.  Once the endometrium is permanently removed, it will also stop periods (because the lining will no longer ‘grow’ in preparation for an egg).

Endometrial Ablation is done in Australia with a device known as ‘Bipolar Radiofrequency’.  It involves inserting a ‘thermal balloon’ into the uterus (via the cervix) that is filled with fluid and carefully heated to high temperatures to burn the endometrium. EEEK.  Sounds scary but apparently, it is painless if you go under a general.

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This is how the procedure is done.  A mesh device is inserted into the uterus via the cervix.

So Why Am I Considering Endometrial Ablation?

I’ve tried the Mirena.  I’ve tried the Pill (made me gain 20kg no thanks).  I’ve been on Depo-Provera. I’ve had an Implanon (made me go cray cray).  I don’t want a hysterectomy (I don’t think I need to go that far at this stage).  This just seems so perfect for me, and will hopefully permanently solve the problem of periods.

So my reasons are:

  • I love the fact I won’t have any chemicals in my body.
  • I’m a good age for the procedure (post children)
  • I don’t want any more kids (hell NO!)
  • I feel I’m a good candidate as I have heavy periods and am wanting to reduce the bleeding.
  • The Ablation is meant to reduce period pain and PMS

My first appointment is tomorrow!  Yippee!

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Risks Involved

This is also something I have looked into (because I don’t make decisions lightly).  After all, it is still surgery.  Endometrial Ablation works successfully in 90% of cases.  Meaning it does fail in 10% of cases.  And in the cases of it failing, it is usually because of other pre-existing factors such as:

  • Uterine Fibroids which are common non-cancerous tumours that grow in the muscle of the uterus.  They are commonly associated with heavy bleeding and pain.
  • Hormonal problems
  • Cancer

The 10% of women that don’t have success with ablation usually proceed to a hysterectomy within five years.

So stay tuned to follow me on the journey to being period free!

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