Lacking Orgasms? Get to know your Clitoris

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Lacking Orgasms? Get to know your Clitoris

Lacking Orgasms? Get to know your Clitoris

Attention ladies! If you are lacking in orgasms, or want to know a bit more about your pleasure buttons. Read on! There is probably a few things you don’t know about your clitoris that you weren’t taught in sex ed! In fact science is fast catching up on the once ignored mystery organ, but it might not be as complex as you think.

In saying that, there are real medical & physiological conditions that do prevent orgasming. Part Anatomy Class, Factoid and solutions we hope you get something aha

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It Goes Deeper Than You Think…75% is hidden

The clitoris (as a total organ) is only partly visible on the outside of the body. In fact, 3/4 of the clitoris is internal, measuring to be 4 inches in length. Similar to the length of a non – erect penis. What you see from the outside is the Glans Clitoris or ” head” cloaked under a protective hood.

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Looks like something you would find at the bottom of the ocean or in some sci-movie attempting to wipe out mankind 🙂

The Clitoris and The Penis are closely related 

So, it turns out the clitoris and penis are very similar. The main difference is that the penis is external, and the clitoris is internal. As a matter of fact, the clitoris can also get erect and it also has a protective hood similar to a foreskin. The clitoris can also expand when stimulated, increasing in size by 300%! More blood flow increases the sensitivity of course, much like the penis.

It’s ageless

So, the clitoris won’t stop functioning regardless if you are 90 years old or 20 years old! During puberty, the clitoris will become larger but it will continue to grow through menopause as well. Sometimes growing up to 2.5 times bigger. It will also change shape slightly depending on your hormones, nutrition and stress levels.

The Nerve of the Clitoris! 

The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings! Sensations from the clitoris can spread to the entire pelvis area which has 15,000 nerve endings! Wowza! That’s twice as many nerve endings than a penis! Different areas have different sensations!

Lacking Orgasms? Get to know your Clitoris

Just for Pleasure Only

The clitoris only has one function, to give you pleasure. It also turns out, that once you’ve achieved a clitoral orgasm, to give it a bit of break. Continuous stimulation after an orgasm can lead to pain from an exhausted clitoris! However it does recover quickly which means unlike men which have a long refractory period after ejaculation, some women are capable orgasming again within minutes of each other, providing the clitoris is not overloaded on sensitivity.

In terms of types of Orgasms, Clitorial is the winner! 

Around 50% – 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. G spot orgasms, vaginal and cervical orgasm are still possible, but usually, a lot harder to achieve. In fact, more women are confused and don’t realise it’s actually their clitoris being stimulated even through penetrative sex, and thus the reason for orgasm. Most clitoral orgasms will last between 1- – 30 seconds.

Orgasms actually begin in the brain, followed by 6 different tissues stimulating to trigger an orgasm, but the brain can also hinder an orgasm as well! Hello, overthinking?

Stimulating the Clitoris

Apart from direct hand or toy stimulation of the clitoral head, the G-Spot which research is discovering might just be the inside back of the clitoris is another way to fire things up. Trying different simulation spots, patterns and rhythms in different areas is great fun to see how it responds. It all depends on how the nerve endings displaced on your clitoris to how it responds, no two clits are the same maybe.

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If you are wanting to enhance your clitoral orgasms, or start to explore how powerful a clitoral orgasm can be, have a look at these products:

Best adult toys for the Clitoris?

Wild Secrets Envy Air Pulse Stimulation & Vibration

Price: $79.99

Designed by Wild Secrets and powered by Satisfyer, this clitoral stimulator has 11 different levels of intensity and 10 different vibration settings. Envy was designed to be light and easy to hold. Perfect for solo use or with your partner. It’s also waterproof, all you need to do is apply a water-based lubricant, and place the on your clit head and enjoy!


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Lelo Sila Sonic Wave Clitoral Massage 

Price: $239.99

Don’t let the price tag scare you. This clitoral massage will take you out of this world with how much pleasure it can give. it’s small, but oh so powerful. Just hold it, and place the open mouth of it on your clitoris and away you go. It has 8 vibration sensations and has sonic wave stimulation.


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Lovehoney Clitoral Caress

Price: $74.95

This clitoral vibrator will help your orgasms go to the next level. This vibrator is designed in a similar shape to a petal or a teardrop, and can give one spot sensations or widespread sensations also. It has 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibrations. You can even explore with this vibrator, and use it on different parts of your body or even your partner.

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Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rechargeable Vibrator with Clitoral Suction 

Price: $59.99

This vibrator aims to give g-spot orgasms as well as clitoral, with the design aiming to target your g-spot with 3 different levels of vibration and 7 different rhythms. The clitoral suction has 11 different levels of intensity, bound to make you feel amazing!


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Desire Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator 

Price: $109.95

This award-winning vibrator has amazing reviews. It’s made with silicone and is designed in a pebble shape so it’s easy to hold in one hand. This vibrator has 8 modes of vibration, each mode has 12 different speeds! So you can really tailor it to what you like.

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More Recommended Buy Adult Toys:

Well there you have we hope you have learned something new, had some aha moments about your clitoris and maybe more orgasms are in your future with your new found knowledge!

Lacking Orgasms? Get to know your Clitoris | Stay at Home Mum

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