Sex Toy Count: How Many Sex Toys Do You Own?

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Sex Toy Count: How Many Sex Toys Do You Own?

Ah, the elusive sex toy count. It’s a question that can bring out the best in people, as they attempt to nonchalantly answer a seemingly innocent query about their sex toy collection without breaking a sweat. So, how many do you own? Is your stash plentiful, or do you prefer to keep things simple?

Whether you have a drawer-full or just a trusty favorite, one thing is for sure: the sex toy count is a personal matter that deserves to be celebrated.

So next time someone asks how many you have, don’t be shy – embrace your inner sex toy aficionado and share your collection with pride!

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Months ago, an intrepid Redditor by the name of toast_samurai posed a query to the online community that left many blushing and others scrambling for answers: how many sex toys do you have? And just like that, the virtual floodgates were unleashed as people from all walks of life gleefully shared their intimate secrets with the world.

From the modest singleton who didn’t dare venture beyond a trusty vibrator to the polyamorous gang sporting an impressive collection of kinky contraptions, the Sex Toy Count thread was a veritable treasure trove of naughty delights.

“As long as you can pay rent…”

Drewandelena shared, “As long as you can pay rent to get as many as you want. I’ve got dozens and always look for new cool toys.”

Replies to thread:

  • I’ve always wanted a Sybian for my partners, but my god the prices on those 🙁 – Domandsubs
  • omg me too, that thing looks like fun, but fuck me the price tag is rediculous, the next best thing for me would be the Monkey Rocker, yet to get that to tho – Toast_Samurai
  • I was at an adult expo with my partner once, and they had one that was elongated with like straps to keep them tied up to it. I could practically see my SO frothing in the mouth over it lmao, but the price wasn’t even listed, it much of been absurd – Domandsubs

“A big one”

I mean, the moment you have so much it is physically impossible to store them in any way that means they’re not scattered accross the room, would be too much.

We’re not really into toys, we have one. A big one, but one. – Lloydbestfan

Replies to thread:

  • For now, I have a chest I keep locked called “my toybox” but I already have plans in the future for a secret sex room being built into a new house! – Slutttt4uonly
  • My partner and I plan on doing the exact same thing. We need a separate room. – Bleach_Baths

“No way, never too many.

No way, never too many. We’ve got a whole chest/locker full. Also tho we tend to go a little nutty around Xmas when everyone has sales on toys. We end up with quite a few naughty presents. ampdaddy1

Replies to thread:

  • ahahah yea, christmas i go a little crazy, tho its only me buying them, my girlfriend doesnt share my enthusiasm for toys, she will let me use em on her or on me but the only toy she really desires is between my legs – Toast_Samurai
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Vibrant colors, pearlescents look wild and unique shapes”

I currently own 7 squarepegs dildos, 14 bad-dragon dildos and 1 emily piggy masturbator, 32 random dildos all glass or silicone, 2 njoy steel plugs, strapon harness, 6 wands (gf keeps overusing them till they pretty much die)

Was just curious if i was going a little overboard, i like vibrant colors, pearlescents look wild and unique shapes i find fun – Toast_Samurai

Replies to thread:


Nope! And maybe like 15 or so – sillysexymama95

Replies to thread:

  • nice, im starting to feel like less of a deviant after reading everyones responses – Toast_Samurai

“Hide them”

4, it’s only too much if they’re at risk of being found because you don’t have space to hide them – It1121

Replies to thread:

  • the risk is always there sadly, we came home one time and they were all over the bedroom, my kids were snooping and found em but luckly couldnt figure out wtf they were, my son just goes why do you have so many squishy toys… it was pretty embarrassing – Toast_Samurai
  • Dude my first vibe fucking melted while it was waiting in my car when I moved in with my grandparents – It1121
  • omg that reminds me, many years ago when i still lived at home i had some dildos and they melted together (rubber sucks) and i couldnt figure out how to get rid of em without parents finding em, and being a dumb fucking teen i just decided to throw them into the park behind my house in the middle of the night. they werent there the next morning. always wonder who picked em up and what they did with em – Toast_Samurai

“At some point it’s too many”

I think at some point it’s too many, but I don’t know where I would draw the line. I have a vibrator, fleshlight, and three different sizes of dildo. So 5 sex toys for me. – Ruminations0

Replies to thread:

  • use to have the stoya destroya set of fleshlights, gf threw em out cause she thought they were weird lol, “why would you fuck a flashlight”


Own as many as you like. However, storage and safe-keeping become a self-regulating issue to keep the number gadgets realistic. All toys, probably 85ish. – Endlessslcparty

Replies to thread:

  • “85, nice that’s a lot of cock”
  • “Vibrators as well, but yes.”

” That’s a hoard”

Just finished counting…i have 74 – RandomUser42091169

Replies to thread:

  • God damn, nice, and I thought I was the only one with a big hoard

“Anal toy”

I have two flesh lights but am thinking about getting an anal toy for trying to get a prostate orgasm. – deathleper

Replies to thread:

  • Totally worth it, orgasm just normally is nice, prostate orgasm… whew, that’s a lot of cum

“The more the better”

I think the more the better. It depends how you feel or what you are in the mood for at the time. One day you just want something that vibrates, next time you want a big toy time after that a butt plug time after that all the above, depends what you and or your partner is in the mood for at the time.

I don’t think there should be a number on pleasure, the more variety the more you can satisfy yourself or your partner. SephiWroth

Replies to thread:

  • Well said.

How about you? How many sex toys do you own?

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