10 Best Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

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10 Best Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

10 Best Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

11 Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get | Stay At Home Mum

Genital cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity among both men and women in the area of plastic surgery. 

Numerous cosmetic genital plastic surgery techniques can improve look and ease pain. These operations include vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, labia majoraplasty, and monsplasty.

Remember: Always Consult Your Doctor Fist

It is essential to get reliable valuable advice before undergoing genital cosmetic surgery since there might be significant emotional and physical risks involved.

Your doctor should be your first point of contact since they can advise you on what treatments are appropriate for you and which ones are not. In the future, be careful to speak with your appropriate local authorities to confirm that you are working with a licensed plastic surgeon.

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Here Are The 10 Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

1. Monsplasty

Monsplasty is also known as a “Pubic Lift’ or a ‘FUPA – Fat Upper Pubic Area’. Monsplasty is the removal of fat from this area. It is often done in conjunction with a Tummy Tuck and involves an incision along the bikini line, removal of the bulging tissue flap, and pulling everything back together.

The surgery itself is just day surgery.

Monsplasty - Surgery for Bulging Mons - Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery
Image via Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery

2. Labiaplasty

A labiaplasty is a surgical operation, which is the fundamental distinction between it and another treatment falling under the category of “vaginal rejuvenation.” The purpose of the labiaplasty treatment is to make the labia minora (female genital inner tissues) narrower so that it is aligned with the labia majora (outer part of the female genitalia).

This method entails using various distinct surgical procedures based on the patient’s individual conditions. With a labiaplasty, there is no need for energy devices, and your plastic surgeon and you will decide on the procedure’s objectives together.

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Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

3. Hymenoplasty

The hymen can be restored by surgery known as hymenoplasty. The membrane that covers the vagina to some extent is called the hymen. Despite the fact that in many cultures an unbroken hymen is seen as a sign of virginity, there are numerous other reasons than having intercourse that can cause a hymen to tear.

The first sexual experience is often when the hymen may rip. Hymen tears can also occur at any age as a result of strenuous sports including swimming, gymnastics, biking, and wearing tampons.

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Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

4. Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral hood reduction surgery, sometimes referred to as a hoodectomy, is a very advantageous technique that tries to cut away extra tissue surrounding the clitoris in order to better reveal the clitoris and enhance the overall look of the vulva.

First and foremost, individuals should be reassured that hoodectomy does not include the clitoris itself and is not a type of female circumcision. Hoodectomy, on the other hand, deals with extra tissue or a lengthy clitoral hood that obstructs the clitoris’ structure and function.

clitoralhood diagram | Stay at Home
Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get image via Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery

5. Labia Majoraplasty

Labia majoraplasty is an aesthetic vaginal surgery (AVS) procedure used to restructure your vagina’s outer flaps. There are certain women who have extended, bulging, or asymmetrical external vaginal lips. The labia majora, or outer lips, may have this shape from birth or evolve as a result of childbearing, aging, or losing weight. Thus, the labia majora will be reduced and reshaped during a labia majoraplasty by the gynecologic surgeon removing extra skin.

labiaplasty schematic 1 | Stay at Home
Image via Andre Panossian

6. Vaginoplasty

Although the term “vaginoplasty” has several diverse meanings, it often refers to an operation to build or repair the vagina. It addresses a variety of medical conditions, such as difficulties from pelvic floor disease and childbirth-related vaginal injuries. It is also used to create a transgender vagina, which assists individuals in achieving their desired gender identification.

There are several reasons to have vaginoplasty, and the method used differs depending on the cause. Women who have had cancer treatment experienced a birthing accident, have congenital defects, or are transgender can all receive it. Depending on the kind of vaginoplasty done, there are risks connected to the procedure and the healing process— we encourage you to ask your doctor for more specific details.

7. G-Spot Amplification

The goal of the G-spot amplification is to improve the occurrence and significance of female orgasm during penetrative sex. It is a type of “functional” genital surgery that temporarily increases the size and responsiveness of the G-spot by injecting a filler into the septum among the bladder and the anterior wall of the vagina.

Patients who often suffer from a sexual pleasure condition with insufficient vaginal pleasure should be stimulated to climax by the enlargement and amplification of the G-spot. Additionally, it is a therapeutic choice for people who have never experienced a vaginal orgasm.

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Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

8. Girth Enlargement Phalloplasty

Phalloplasty, often known as penis enlargement, is a surgical treatment that can permanently lengthen the penile, typically by a little bit more than an inch. The breadth of the penis can also be increased by penile augmentation operations. There are alternative non-surgical treatments, but they may not produce results that are long-lasting.

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Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get

10. Testicular Implants

Testicular implants can be used in cases when the testicles have been surgically removed or are missing due to a congenital condition, disease, or trauma. In select aesthetic circumstances, testicular implants may also be done. In cases when both testicles are missing, an implant is sized to fill the scrotum and restore symmetry.

Saline-filled testicular implants are inserted into the scrotum. To offer a genuine look and feel, they are extremely fine to the touch. Testicular implants may be put in as an outpatient procedure and just require a local anesthetic.

11. Scrotoplasty

Surgery called scrotoplasty is performed to fix an existing scrotum issue or create a new scrotum. Your testicles are held and shielded by this pouch of skin and muscle under your penis and a surgeon will cut away extra skin and tissue that connects your skin and penis during surgery to address a buried penis or some other condition. Your scrotum and the base of your penis are connected by ligaments, which the surgeon may tighten if necessary.

You can reduce the risk of complications after a scrotoplasty by keeping the surgical site clean and refraining from activities for a couple of weeks. Your physician might advise you to wear tight-fitting underwear or a jockstrap for support.

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Genital Plastic Surgeries You Can Get — Image via

There may occasionally be different sorts of operations that can repair a problem with your genitals. It’s crucial to have a thorough conversation with your doctor about your options, risks, and rewards.

Are You Interested In Having One Of These? Well, Make Sure To Consult Your Doctor First!

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